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How to play Lethal Company with more than 4 player party/group

Lethal Company is an experience of a lifetime for gamers who want to play together with their friends and family, just for an incredible time pass. While the restrictions are for the 4-player party, which can play simultaneously in Lethal Company, there is a trick out there that allows you to play Lethal Company with more than a 4-player party or group. Without any detail or fluff, let’s jump to the details below.

How to play Lethal Company with more than 4 player party/group

Lethal Company Bigger Lobby Mod

Lethal Company has a “Bigger Lobby” Mod that allows 20 players to play in the lobby of Lethal Company. Using this mod, you can enjoy the game without the limitations of 4 players at a time in a group or party. Here’s how to install the mod.

  • Head over to Thunder Store
  • Click on Manual Download or Install with Mod Manager
  • Unpack the files
  • Follow the instructions

Use the Bigger Lobby Mod in Lethal Company to play with more than 4 players at a time.

Additionally, there is a Bigger Lobby Mod that you can download from the moddb. It has the same functionality of increasing the playable player amount in the lobby/part/group.

Head down below and click the BiggerLobby V1.0.9 (at the time of writing, it was the latest available). Download the files and unpack them. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many players can play Lethal Company in a lobby?

Only 4 players can play together at the same time in Lethal Company.

Can you increase the number of players in Lethal Company from 4?

Yes, you can do that with the use of a mod called “BiggerLobby”, that allows up to 20 players to play Lethal Company in a lobby together.

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