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How to Seek Out and Stop Blood Harvest in Diablo 4 Season 2?

Diablo 4, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, has just introduced its brand new Season 2, Season of the Blood. Keeping it short, the Vampires are here to take over sanctuary, but the Vampire Hunters and yourself, are here to stop them. To stop the terror, you will have to Seek Out and Stop Blood Harvest in Diablo 4 Season 2, but how to do that? Here in this guide, we are going to share steps on How to stop the Blood Harvest Event.

How to Seek Out and Stop Blood Harvest in Diablo 4 Season 2?

Getting Blood Lures and Seeker Keys

To unlock Blood Harvest, you require both the Blood Lures and Seeker Keys, and both are equally important.

  • Use Blood Lures to interact with Altars during the Blood Harvest Event.
  • Use Seeker Keys to unlock Seeker Caches that have valuable items
  • Get Blood Lures by going to events in the Blood Harvest. You can get the Seeker Keys in the same way

Where to Find Blood Harvest Event?

After you have both the Seeker Keys and the Blood Lures, you will have to find the Blood Harvest Event Location. There are multiple of those in the game itself, but there is a time of 1 hour, after which the Blood Harvest respawns at random locations.

Blood Harvest Event is indicated by the Green Swamp, having a Skull Icon on your Diablo 4 Mini-map.

Where to Find Blood Harvest Event? Blood Harvest Event Location!

Activating Sanguine Altar

In season 1 of Diablo 4, you had altars to offer something, the same is the case with Diablo 4 Season 2, Season of the Blood. You have here the Sanguine Altars, where you have to offer 150 Blood Lures to activate it.

Along with that, you can offer 50 Blood Lures to the surrounding 3 Altars in the Season of the Blood of Diablo 4. Shortly after the activation of the Altar, the Blood Harvest will begin and Blood Seekers, the enemies in Season 2 of Diablo 4 will come in waves.

Defeat Blood Seekers and Get Potent Blood

After you defeat the Seekers, they will start dropping the Potent Blood, which is also known as the Acclaim Points of Hunter.

Get as many Hunter Points as you can during these waves.

Use Seeker Keys

We already mentioned that you need the Seeker Keys beforehand. To unlock special Seeker Caches found in the Blood Harvest event, you can use the Seeker Keys. Getting them early on in the event is probably a better choice.

After you unlock the Seeker Cache using the Seeker Keys, you will get various items of value like the Armor Packs, Potent Blood, Blood Lures, and so on.

So, these steps will help you with “How to Seek Out and Stop Blood Harvest in Diablo 4 Season 2”. It isn’t easy, and the hardest step is probably fighting the waves of Blood Seekers, but you can team up with your friends or other Diablo 4 Season 2 players and both can do this together, splitting the spoils of war.

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