Diablo 4 Tortured Offering Living Steel

Diablo 4 Tortured Offering Living Steel Guide

Diablo 4, Season 2, Season of the Blood, brings new surprises to the players in a unique way. One of them is the introduction of boss fights, in which you can’t take part in the usual manner of completing the area and finally going to the boss room. Rather, you will have to first find and pick up certain items to reveal the boss.

The Galvanic Saint, Grigoire is a similar boss that you can come across in the World Tier 4 and 3. But to fight him, you first have to collect Living Steel, a crafting material, in the Tortured Offering inside the Helltide Chest.

Diablo 4 Tortured Offering Living Steel Guide

What is Living Steel in Diablo 4 Season 2?

Living Steel is a crafting boss material in the game, that is specifically used to find the Galvanic Saint, Grigoire Boss. It can summon formidable foes, as forged in the Hall of the Pentant – Central Dry Stepes.

Throughout the game, specifically in the World Tier 4 and 3, you can get two Living Steel that can help you summon the Gregoire.

Specifically, you can find them in the Helltide Chest that you can get from the Tortured Gift of the Living Steel.

Where to Find Living Steel Location in Diablo 4?

They can be found at different locations throughout the game, specifically in the Helltide Event. It will be much easier for you to get together in a group of 4 and explore the region, as it saves you time and resources. They are mostly found in;

  • Zones with the strongest monsters/enemies
  • Get to the chest in the area that is populated more than others
  • Area with higher monster volume

All of them can help you get the cinders after killing the monsters. Below, we have some of the top locations to Find Living Steel from, in Diablo 4 Season 2, Season of the Blood.

Following are the locations from where you can get the Living Steel, in Diablo 4 Season 2.

  • Dismissal Foothills in Hawezar area
  • North Shore in the Scosglen area
  • Kehjistan area
Diablo 4 Tortured Offering Living Steel Location in Hawezar

How to Open Living Steel Tortured Gift in Diablo 4

In the Helltide Chest, during the whole event, you can find the Living Steel in the Tortured Gift. After every 2 hours or so, you can take part in the Helltide, which lasts for around 1 hour in total. Therefore, you will have to be conscious about this timing.

To open the Tortured Gifts that grant you the Living Steel, you have to utilize the Aberrant Cinders. Kill as many monsters as you can in the Helltide Event to get the most amount of Aberrant Cinders.

Typically, you need around 300 Aberrant Cinders to get one Tortured Gift of Living Steel. Then use can use these Living Steel to reveal the boss.

There are chests around the game map that you can get close to and they start appearing on the mini-map. They have the Living Steel inside these Steel Chests.

But, you have to be careful here, as there is a mini-boss who is always guarding these chests. Defeat him and open the chest to unlock the 300 Cinders worth of Living Steel.

That’s all in our Diablo 4 Tortured Offering Living Steel Guide. Living Steel is inside a hidden Steel Chest that you can unlock using the 300 Cinders. Then you can use Living Steel to find the Galvanic Saint, Grigoire Boss.

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