How to Fix First of Oak not Respawning in Minecraft Legends

How to Change Resolution in Minecraft Legends

Honestly, the pinnacle of worst development is when you can’t even change the resolution of that game. The same is the case with Minecraft, where players reported a heartbreaking Resolution bug, not letting players change the resolution. Don’t worry guys, here’s How to Change the Resolution in Minecraft Legends to help you out.

What’s the Resolution Bug in the game?

It is an issue, a glitch, or you might fancy calling it a Bug. When you are affected by it, you are stuck on the same resolution. It could be 720p or even worst than that. Changing it to 1080p or even 4k won’t get it back to normal.

How to Change Resolution in Minecraft Legends

  • Find the Game Location
  • Right-click on the .exe file
  • Open Properties
  • Find Disable Full Screen Optimization
  • Check the Box
  • Then, go to the DPI Settings
  • Enable the options found there
  • Change the Over-ride to Application
  • Restart the PC
  • Open the Game

It will be back to the original Resolution you were supposed to be playing on. Thanks, us later 🙂


If you can’t change the Resolution in Minecraft Legends and are stuck with the same non-HD or even worse one, then here’re a few steps you can take to fix this issue. Keep in mind that in order to Change the Resolution in Minecraft Legends, you have to disable full-screen optimization, change over ride to the application, and check the DPI Setting options.

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