Lethal Company Error Code 16480

Lethal Company “An Error Occurred” Fix

Lethal Company is a horror survival game based on a moon venture where you collect scrap and sell that to the Company you just joined. All kinds of horror take place here, and you are here to use your brain to collect scraps and save yourself from the enemies.

But, there is a blockage in the way of your consistent gameplay, as players have encountered “An error occurred” randomly while playing the game online or trying to join a game. It seems to be an issue with the game itself, but we can help you fix that.

Lethal Company "An Error Occurred" Fix

What is the reason behind “An Error Occured” in Lethal Company?

The game has just launched and because of the overload on servers, players are bound to have these kinds of issues, especially related to the online part of the game.

While going into depth, it is an issue with the update of the game; the version you are playing on doesn’t match the game’s latest version. Thus, you get “An Error Occured” from the server to tell you something is wrong here.

Lethal Company “An Error Occurred” Fix

To fix this issue, you will have to exit Lethal Company, quit Steam completely through the Task Manager, restart the Steam Launcher, and then update Lethal Company. This will update your game’s version and you will get less of “An error occurred” while playing Lethal Company.

There are a few extra things we recommend doing here:

  • Verify Game Files on Steam
  • Update GPU Drivers
  • Update Windows
  • Close background applications
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall

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