Marvel Spider-Man 2 Not Starting, Launching, and Opening on PS5

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Overheating PS5

Sony’s PlayStation 5 just launched their brand new Spider-Man 2, the second installment of the popular Spider-Man video game series. This time around, the game is based on the multiverse, where Peter Parker and Miles Morales take a step forward with their personal lives and struggle to do so because of all the villains.

Kraven with his mercenaries, Sand-Man with his criminal mindset, the shadow Lizard, and the black suit from symbiote Venom, all are here to give you a difficult time around. But, you have different suites to help you in the game with different situations.

Being an exclusive to the PlayStation 5, players occasionally found themself suffering from Marvel Spider-Man 2 Overheating their PS5. There are multiple reasons behind it, including the environment in which you are placing your PS5, the Distance, Surface, and Cleanliness.

PS5 Spider-Man 2 is a heavy and spec-driven game, meaning it is going to give you a hard time on your PlayStation 5. Let’s expand the topic and get back straight to fixing the PS5 Overheating because of Spider-Man 2.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Overheating PS5

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How to Fix Marvel Spider-Man 2 Overheating PS5?

Following are the methods to fix Spider-Man 2 Overheating PS5 (PlayStation 5).

Environmental Factors

One thing to note is that the PS5 might give you a sign of overheating while playing Spider-Man 2. Because it is placed in an area where ventilation isn’t great. Just store it in an environment that is cool, away from heat, and has a ton of ventilation for the heat already inside PS5 to flow out.

Distance from Wall

The recommended distance for placing your PS5 beside the wall is 10 cm or 4 inches. When you put it in a place where the space isn’t that much, then you will have a PS5 running too hot issue.

Surface Area

One thing that most of us forget is that the ventilation of PS5 is blocked when placed on a soft surface like a carpet, a rug or even placed on a normal cloth. Put it on a hard surface that doesn’t absorb the heat.

PlayStation 5 Cleanliness

You might not get it at first, but sometimes the fans get clogged with dust or something else. The thermal paste might be used up and that turns the CPU into a frying pan.

Go to a professional and let him do the work or you can also clean it yourself with proper tools and thermal paste online.

These are all the factors that can result in your PlayStation 5 (PS5) Running Hot or Overheating while playing Marvel Spider-Man 2.

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