My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working: Why and How to Fix it?

My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working: Why and How to Fix it?

In a butter smooth gameplay of My Hero Ultra Rumble, players were returned to the title screen during their login, battles, or matchmaking after a network disconnect error because of a server issue. As a result of this issue, players were bound to hold back on the multiplayer game, as well as matchmaking taking longer time to find a match. Let’s get to fixing the Matching Not Working issue in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working: Why and How to Fix it?

One of the best new Anime Series is My Hero Academia. It became so popular that Bandai Namco Entertainment released a whole new game based on the show itself. The name of this game is My Hero Ultra Rumble, or you can call it MHUR.

The global release of this game was recent, only on September 28th of 2023, as it is also on various platforms including PC, and Consoles. But, as you are starting with the game’s multiplayer side, you get stuck with an issue that causes the Matchmaking to not work anymore, returning you to the title screen of the game. Why is it so? Is there a fix to it? We got you covered.

Why is Matchmaking Not Working in My Hero Ultra Rumble?

The Matchmaking issue in any multiplayer game is because of a loss of connectivity between the Game Servers and your System. There could be various reasons behind it, including the primary being on the server side.

When there is maintenance, you will find the game to show the Network Connection Error, because the game can’t connect with the server.

With the My Hero Ultra Rumble Game, the Network Connection Error is because of the Server Maintenance, which was also recognized by the developers. Due to the Network Connection Error, the Matchmaking is temporarily turned off.

My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working due to Server issues

How to Fix My Hero Ultra Rumble Network Connection Error?

Server-side issues don’t have a guaranteed fix, but there are some tricks that you can try your lock on to get around them. These include;


When the Matchmaking is not working in My Hero UR, and you are returned to the title screen after login or battles, then you just have to restart the game. If it fixes the issue, then good so far, another side you might try your lock on restarting your system altogether.

Check Internet Connection

Just like we mentioned the issue is with the connection between your system and the server, what makes that connection? Of course the internet. So, you have to check your internet, use an Ethernet, Turn off the Router for 30 seconds turn it back on to clear the cache, and turn off all the connected devices. Talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), as they might be working on maintenance.

Change My Hero Ultra Rumble Region

Some users changed their in-game region to fix the My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working.

  • Start My Hero UR
  • Go to Title Screen
  • Go to Game Settings
  • From there change your region


Use a VPN to change your location and fix the issue. Sometimes your location is blocked and therefore, you will have a Network Connection Error in games, restraining you from Matchmaking. Just use a VPN to get a different location, and you will be fine.


In case nothing working, you just have to check the servers on the My Hero Ultra Rumble X (Twitter) Page. Servers might be temporarily down, resulting in your having the My Hero Ultra Rumble Matchmaking Not Working.

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