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How To Build Roofs in Enshrouded

Building a roof in Enshrouded is a crucial aspect of creating a secure and functional structure for your character. Follow these simple steps to successfully construct a roof over your building in Enshrouded:

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How To Build Roofs in Enshrouded

  • Identify the location where you want to build your structure. Claim the spot by ensuring no other player has staked their claim there.
  • Craft a Workbench, a fundamental tool for construction. Collect the required resources to create a Workbench, typically involving wood and stone.
  • The Construction Hammer is essential for building structures. Craft this tool, and it will be your key to entering building mode.
  • With the Construction Hammer in your inventory, press the designated key (Tab) to enter building mode. This mode allows you to visualize and construct various building elements.
  • To build a roof, you’ll need the appropriate building blocks. Craft Rough Stonlocks and, specifically for the roof, Plant Fiber Roof Blocks using the Workbench.
  • While in building mode, navigate to your inventory or hotbar and select the Plant Fiber Roof Blocks. These are the blocks you’ll use to create the roof structure.
  • Position yourself where you want to place the roof, then left-click to set the Plant Fiber Roof Blocks in place. Continue placing blocks until you’ve covered the entire roof area.
  • Use the Construction Hammer to adjust and fine-tune the placement of the roof blocks. Right-click to remove misplaced blocks or make adjustments as needed.
  • Ensure your entire building is secure with walls and a foundation. Roofs work best when supported by sturdy walls and a well-established foundation.

Periodically save your progress, especially after completing significant construction steps. This helps prevent any loss of work in case of unexpected events.

Final Words

By following these steps, you’ll successfully build a roof for your structure in Enshrouded. Experiment with different building designs to create a unique and secure home for your character in the game.

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