Netflix Emily in Paris Season 4: Will Gabriel and Emily Finally Get Together?

Netflix Emily in Paris Season 4: Will Gabriel and Emily Finally Get Together?

The writer’s strike has finally ended and all your favorite series and movies are back on their filming schedule. Emily in Paris’s season 3 and 4’s renewal announcement was made at once in January 2022. Fans are anxiously waiting for season 4 and they can not help but reflect on what has happened in the past 3 seasons of the series. Fans are wondering if Emily and Gabriel will finally get into a relationship. Keep reading the article to find out what might happen in season 4.

Netflix Emily in Paris Season 4: Will Gabriel and Emily Finally Get Together?

Emily in Paris Season 4 Release Date

The Emily in Paris season 4 release date has not been officially announced by Netflix. The strike delayed almost every Netflix project. However, we can expect Emily in Paris to be available on Netflix in late 2024 or early 2025.

Will Emily and Gabriel get into a relationship?

Season 3 proved to be explosive. There were a lot of cliffhangers. After Camille and Gabriel’s wedding at their engagement party and then Camille calls her wedding off because she thinks Emily has still feelings for Gabriel. Also, Alfie stormed out and left Emily behind saying Gabriel and Emily have feelings for each other. Alfie also revealed that he has feelings for Sofia. But, when it seemed like things might become better for the couple, Camille returned to France to reveal that she was pregnant with Gabriel’s child.

Lily Collins told Entertainment Tonight:

“I heard all the endings and thought they were alt, Then I realized they were all the endings at once. I was like, ‘Wait, there’s a wedding and then there’s a wedding that doesn’t happen, or this engagement that turns into a wedding that turns into non-wedding, which turns into a pregnancy announcement, which turns into, like, what the f*ck? What!'”

Darren Star said that we would not be seeing an actual baby in the upcoming season but we would be watching our characters deal with the prospect of a baby. Gabriel becoming a father might complicate things in his relationship with Emily. But, fans want to see both of them finally getting back together as Emily has been in love with Gabriel since season 1.


Emily and Gabriel’s future is uncertain, Camille becoming a mother of Gabriel’s child will get all of his attention and care. However, Gabriel and Emily can still make their relationship work after so many hurdles.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.