Xo, Kitty Canceled or Delayed - Why Do Fans Think Netflix's XO, Kitty is Canceled?

Xo, Kitty Canceled or Delayed – Why Do Fans Think Netflix’s XO, Kitty is Canceled?

To All the Boys I Have Loved Before spin-off XO Kitty became one of the most streamed shows in May 2023 when it was released on Netflix. Pleased by the performance of the series on Netflix, it was renewed a month later. But, XO Kitty is delayed until 2025 which has fans worried if it will be canceled. With the industry-wide impact of the SAG and WGA strikes during the summer of 2023 and Netflix’s recent omission of XO Kitty from the 2024 line-up fans are concerned about the continuation of the show.

Why Do Fans Think Netflix's XO, Kitty is Canceled?

Why XO, Kitty is delayed till 2025?

XO, Kitty was renewed during the WGA strike, leaving many to speculate how long it would take to write a new season. Sang Heon Lee told India Today in 2023 when asked about the new season:

  • “The Writers’ Strike in Hollywood is going on, and because of the strike happening at the moment, it’s not exactly easy for them to just reach a conclusion on how to approach and write the script. It doesn’t happen like that, so until the strike is over, we have to wait until they all just figure out the conclusion. And then, after that, they’ll write a script.”

The rumors started to circulate the internet when Netflix omitted season 2 from their official 2024 line-up. But, Netflix moves around the release dates, so there is still a chance for XO, Kitty to come to Netflix sooner than expected.

As of March 5, 2024, the filming of XO Kitty season 2 has not started yet. The first season took 15 months to film. So, sadly for fans, it seems like all the signs are pointing towards a 2025 release window.

What will happen in the next season?

At the end of XO, Kitty’s first season, things got kinda messy. The big question for season 2 is whether Kitty will leave the plane at LAX and hope another one back to Seoul. Kitty was kicked out of KISS for living in the same dorm as Dae, Q, and Min Ho instead of living in the girl’s dorm.

She also confessed her feelings to Yuri that she might be interested in girls. But, Yuri reunites with her girlfriend at the airport, leaving Kitty sad. But, things take a quick turn for Kitty as Min Ho who is sitting next to Kitty on the plane, confesses his feelings for her.

Kitty is stuck on an 11-hour flight with Min Ho to process her feelings. The whole situation leaves fans hanging for season 2, wondering what’s gonna happen next.

Why Do Fans Think Netflix's XO, Kitty is Canceled?

Final Words

XO, Kitty’s is postponed till 2025 which has fans worried about the future of the show. Netflix is famous for canceling fan-favorite shows, so it is hard to say anything about the fate of XO, Kitty.

Though release dates can change, viewers eagerly await Kitty’s next adventure when the show finally returns, hoping for some answers to the unresolved mysteries.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.