Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2: Will Min Ho and Kitty end up together

Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2: Will Min Ho and Kitty end up together

Netflix’s new romantic comedy series by Jenny Han is a spin-off series based on Netflix’s original film series “To All the Boys I have loved before”. The series follows Katherine Song Covey, who thinks she is a teen matchmaker. But soon realizes that relationships get complicated when it’s her own heart involved, after moving across the world to be with her long-distance boyfriend, Dae. In this blog post, we will explore Will Min Ho and Kitty end up together in Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2.

Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2: Will Min Ho and Kitty end up together

Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not announced anything about the release date of the show yet. Netflix’s renewal criteria depend on multiple factors like how many people watched the show, the completion rate, and how the audience is perceiving the show. The series is trending in the top 10 in many countries. However, if the series continues to perform well for the next few weeks, then there is a possibility of Netflix renewing the series for another season.

The filming of the first season started in May and June 2022. However, if the series is renewed for another season, we can expect to be on Netflix by August 2023.


There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. A lot happened in the last episode. Kitty was expelled from KISS after being caught living in the boy’s dorm. Kitty and Dae broke up after Kitty revealed to Dae that she has feelings for Yuri. Yuri and Juliana finally reunited after Yuri’s mother decided to bring back Juliana. Also, Minho was seen traveling to America in the same plane with Kity to see his mother in L.A.

Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2: Will Min Ho and Kitty end up together

Will Kitty and Yuri reunite in Netflix Xo, Kitty Season 2?

As Kitty is expelled from KISS and going back, it will be hard for Yuri and Kitty to be close again. However, Yuri was seen making a phone call to her mother after she encountered Kitty at the airport asking about Kitty. However, it seems like Uri’s mother also wants to expel the boys (Q, Minho, and Dae) for letting Kitty stay in their dorm. But, if Kitty is allowed to stay in KISS, then both of them might reunite.

Will Minho and Kitty date?

Another potential couple is Minho and Kitty. Minho expressed his feelings for Kitty on the plane to America after learning that both Kitty and Dae broke up. If Kitty goes back to America then she and Minho can be together.

Who is Simone?

Jina gave Kitty a letter written by her mother. Kitty got to know about a mystery man, “Simone”. According to the letter, Simone was her mother’s first love. So, there is a possibility Kitty might try to find her mother’s first love. Also, we will see more of Jina as she was a good friend of Kitty’s mother. There is a lot that still needs to be answered about Kitty’s mother.

Will Dae leave KISS?

Dae needed the first spot to stay in KISS. After Florian cheated and got the first spot, Dae got second place which means that he will lose his scholarship. Without the scholarship, Dae might have to leave KISS.

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