God Of War Ragnarok Bantam Melon Location

God Of War Ragnarok Bantam Melon Location

God of War Ragnarök is a thrilling journey through the Nine Realms, filled with epic battles, complex puzzles, and hidden treasures. Among these treasures are unique ingredients like the elusive Bantam Melon, which plays a role in completing the “Across the Realms” favor. Let’s dive into how to locate this special fruit!

Where to Find the Bantam Melon

The Bantam Melon is hidden within the Sinkholes, located on the eastern side of The Plains in the realm of Vanaheim. However, this area is initially inaccessible, and you’ll need to complete a few steps to reach it.

God Of War Ragnarok Bantam Melon Location

Prerequisites: Quests to Complete

Before you can even think about melons, you need to finish these two important side quests (favors) in Vanaheim:

  1. “Scent of Survival”: This quest unlocks The Crater area within Vanaheim, a crucial step in your melon-hunting adventure.
  2. “Return of the River”: This favor is the key to getting to the Sinkholes. Completing it will restore the flow of water throughout The Crater, allowing you to navigate to the Bantam Melon’s location.

The Search for the Bantam Melon

Once you’ve finished those quests, here’s how to find that tasty melon:

  1. Boat to the South: In The Crater, locate a boat and sail south until you reach The Sinkholes.
  2. Roll that Gate Open: You’ll see a large chain blocking a gate. Find a way to roll that gate open.
  3. Melon Time! Once you’re through the gate, the Bantam Melon is yours for the taking.

Why You Want the Bantam Melon

The Bantam Melon isn’t just for snacking (though Kratos might disagree). Collecting it, along with the other special ingredients, is part of the “Across the Realms” favor. Completing this favor grants you a permanent and powerful reward, making the search absolutely worthwhile!

Vanaheim is full of secrets and side paths. Don’t rush; you might discover other goodies while completing the quests that lead to the Bantam Melon. The Sinkholes might have some surprises in store. Be ready for a fight or two on your way to the melon.

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