Palia Falling from Sky Bug

Palia Falling from Sky Bug

Palia Open Beta was recently released and the community is going wild for the concept. I, myself, am a lover of fantasy games like these. But, being in the Open Beta means, there are going to be a ton of issues. One of these issues is “Palia Falling from Sky Bug”, where you can simply get out of the map, by falling through the walls or ground. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss this issue, as well as guide you through the details.

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Introduction to Palia

Palia is a fantasy game developer by the Singularity 6 Studio. Unlike other games of a similar genre, Palia is fascinatingly free-to-play and has multiplayer functionality as well.

You start off as a human in the fantasy world, where humans were thought to be extinct. But, somehow you and others pop off here, in a world filled with Majiri – non-humans.

While the game has minimal combat, it is mostly focused on developing other skills like mining, survival, building, fishing, cooking, and so on. You can call it a free-to-play fantasy-esque survival game.

Palia Falling from Sky Bug

What is Palia Falling from Sky Glitch?

Just as in any other game, where you can get out of the game map, dropping down, Palia also has the same bug. At specific corners and grounds, you can pass through the walls, dropping down into the abyss.

You can’t do anything there because you are out of the map and floating in the air. It can happen randomly at locations, and there is a specific reason as to why it is happening.

Why is it happening?

The genuine reason behind it is that Palia is in Open Beta. The game isn’t developed, nor perfected. You will have issues like these, and Open Beta is made for things like these.

You find out bugs/glitches and report them to the community. Hopefully, the developers are going to take note, then work on this issue. When the game launches officially, you won’t have to deal with game-breaking bugs like these again.

How to Fix Palia Falling from Sky Bug

You don’t have to fix it from outside sources, just restart the game and start playing the game from the previous save. This is it! The game is in Open Beta and you are bound to have issues like these.

Just have some patience and let the developers work on those. After the game officially launches, you will be able to enjoy the game fully. Hope this helps!

Palia Falling from Sky Bug

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