Palia Update Download Percentage/Bar Going Backwards: Why and How to Fix it?

Palia Update Download Percentage/Bar Going Backwards: Why and How to Fix it?

Palia had this issue for a while now where the new updates or patches get stuck on the download. For those who waited for a while, the update download seems to go backward. Here in this guide, we are going to go through some details on why is Palia Update Download Percentage/Bar Going Backwards and what are the ways to get through it.

The new Palia Update Rolled Out and Update Percentage is going back instead on going forward.

Palia is a massive adventure simulator that allows you to play as a normal human being, exploring around, collecting resources, farming, fishing, hunting, and doing the normal day-to-day survival things we humans do.

You can make the perfect house using the resources, selecting a place, decorating it, and using various mechanics to get around. Then on top, there is a multiplayer function that allows the community to get along with each other.

The game is always moving onwards and getting better with updates, patches, and improvements in the game. While it might be the case, players are also having issues with the downloads of these updates.

Why is Palia Update Download Going Backward?

There are many reasons for the Palia update going backward in the download. It could be the server issue, that is having connectivity issues with your system, as a result, the update moves backward.

However, that might not be the case completely, as players had the game never mess up anything. So, it could be the game files being corrupted and the game trying to figure out stuff while downloading new files.

The servers might be slow for the time being and players could be having this issue. As a result, it just takes a ton of time to download even a small percentage of that new update Palia just rolled, and then go back.

Besides these, the GPU Drivers, Updates, and Antivirus are also culprits here.

How to Fix Palia Update Download Percentage/Bar Going Backwards?


The first thing that we recommend is to wait. The New Palia Update gets Stuck or goes back, but when you wait enough, the update will proceed onwards. One trick is to roll the update at night time. When you sleep, the time will pass quickly and the update will be done when you wake up.

Check Internet

When the Palia Download starts going backward, it is an indication that your internet not working as intended. Check your internet speed, clear your cache by turning off the modem and waiting 30 seconds before turning it back on, disable external devices connected to the internet, and use ethernet to download the Palia Updates.

Info Downloads Folder

Go to the Palia Folder on your system and find the Info Downloads. Delete the Files that are in the Info Downloads Folder. After you start the Download, it will start from the beginning, fixing the problem.

Disabling Antivirus

Sometimes the Antivirus will block the new files from being downloaded. When you are downloading a new update for Palia, or a new Patch, this is exactly what you are doing.

So, you might have to Disable the Antivirus completely. Also, make sure you disable the Firewall for the time being.

Updating GPU and Drivers

Your Window might have a new update or the GPU drivers might be old for the new update you are downloading for Palia. Use Nvidia Experience or AMD Adrenaline to download GPU Drivers. Search for Updates on the Windows search bar, and open the tab. From there, you can update your Windows safely.


Palia is Stuck on new Updates or the Updates Going Backward is nothing new. It has been happening since the start and most of the time gets fixed by itself. People have to wait, just to get through the update as it takes time. In case nothing works, even from our guide, you might have to Check the Palia Servers, as they might be down. Then you might have to report the issue to the Palia Support Team as well.

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