[Solved] Mini Goads on NYT Crossword Answer

Short denial NYT Mini Crossword Answer

In the mini New York Times crossword, the quick response to a question is “IDONT.”

What It Means

  1. Simple Refusal: “IDONT” is a short way of saying “I don’t.” It’s like a swift “nope” or “not for me,” keeping things concise and clear.
  2. Straightforward Negation: This phrase is a snappy way to decline or say “no” without much fuss or explanation.
  3. Quick Denial: “IDONT” is a brief and direct response, indicating a negative or refusal in a few characters.

In the world of mini crosswords, “IDONT” showcases how a simple phrase can communicate a clear denial in a jiffy.


Mini crosswords are tiny brain teasers packed with concise clues. Each answer, like “IDONT,” fits snugly into the puzzle, keeping the game lively.

So, discovering “IDONT” in the crossword highlights the charm of a quick and straightforward denial in just a few letters—a testament to the fun and simplicity of wordplay.

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