Should I Use Instagram Wrapped - Legit or Scam?

Should I Use Instagram Wrapped – Legit or Scam?

Instagram Wrapped is a third-party software to show your Instagram Account’s valuable information and stats. The insecurity starts from the moment you download and login into the app because it asks for your personal information and account password. There are still some users who bought the trend and started logging into the app with their valuable information, giving out security and privacy to something that isn’t even authentic. This takes us to the lifelong question you might be asking yourself “Should I Use Instagram Wrapped”? The quick answer to that is obviously “No”, but let’s talk about the details below on why it is a Scam.

What is Instagram Wrapped and Why is everyone using it?

Instagram Wrapped is an application available to the users of the App Store, that belongs to a random third-party, and promises to share with you valuable Instagram Account information that is usually not available from the Meta.

The trend actually started off with the TikTok video where users had valuable insight into their Instagram Accounts by using this specific Wrapped App. It did claim to give you the following information

  • Top Followers
  • Best Friends
  • Stalkers
  • People Blocked

Then, it also keeps track of various things on your account that are quite possibly deal breakers for most Instagram Follow seekers.

Mostly the young and inexperienced got into the trend at the time, following some shorts from TikTok, but that is only 20% of the truth.

Should I Use Instagram Wrapped?

No, you shouldn’t use Instagram Wrapped because it is a scam and uses your valuable Instagram Information, breaching the privacy and security, Instagram’s Meta holds protected.

It does show you something inside the application but that is a matter of minutes. Some users had Instagram Wrapped Error, where the application simply went black, and was unable to show you any data.

While, for others, the data was completely inaccurate, and shows some random numbers. After restarting the app, it completely changed those numbers, once again providing that it was a total scam. Here’s an Instagram Subreddit Post from Francie.

Instagram Wrapped History, why it is a scam and you should avoid it at all cost

What to do after giving Instagram Account Password and Login to Instagram Wrapped?

This is probably a wise question to ask after giving valuable information, but there are a few things that you can do to safeguard your account after logging into Instagram Wrapped with your personal information, related to the Instagram Account.

  • First of all, uninstall Instagram Wrapped Application
  • Secondly, head over to the Instagram App, and change your login Password
  • Do some extra steps, and make the Instagram Information a secret
  • Make the account private for a while

Look for suspicious activities on your account and in case things go out of hand, you can always Disable the Instagram Account for a while, and shift to a secondary account. You can also talk about the issue with the Instagram Help Center.

What to do after giving Instagram Account Password and Login to Instagram Wrapped?

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