Should You Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen?

Should You Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fallen is one of the coolest-looking games in 2023, coming in with that sand theme, where you can basically surf on sand, and kill those monsters while doing so. Then, those perfect character designs make it more appealing at first sight. But, there are a ton of reasons to go with the Hard Mode here instead of the Normal or Easy Mode. Should you Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen? Well, we got all the details sorted out for you below.

Should You Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen?

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Should You Go With Atlas Fallen Hard Mode Difficulty?

Yes, you definitely should, because the game is designed in a way, it is all centered around the combat instead of the story or characters. The Developers do emphasize that the game isn’t all on combat but also has a balance across other mechanics, but after playing the game, nearly all the community says, it is based on Combat.

Why Play on Hard Mode in Atlas Fallen?

There are a few things here in this Triple AAA Title;

  • Combat
  • Exploration
  • Customization in Gameplay

When you play the game on either the Normal or the Easy mode, you are going to remove 1/3 of the experience this game has to offer you.

This way, you will basically be exploring and customizing characters in combat… literally for nothing.

Just as the game is seen, it has that unique concept, flow, and vibe to it, not found in any other game as of now. The sand surfing, combat, character design, and everything adds up to the combat.

As you explore the game, you will have the most fun getting stronger, customizing your character because of this and this also adds up to the combat.

Combat in Atlas Fallen Hard Mode Difficulty

  • There are red glows that add up to your reflex check, where you will have to press Parry Button.
  • There are Red circles on the floor (attack). You can dodge those using the Dodge Button.
  • The game will show you Red Glows in the form of a Reflex-Parry-Window on the Enemies Off-Screen. You will also see White Arrows that turn, as well as Glow Red.
  • To the Old-Time Gamers, the reaction times are not so well. Watching the animation, you will have to Predict and React to the Red Glows.

All of this makes the game much more alive, fun, and mechanic instead of a simple plain tap.

This is why You Should Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen instead of Easy or Normal Mode.

Should You Go with Hard Mode Difficulty in Atlas Fallen?

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