Sylvox Unveils 75'' Cinema Outdoor Smart TV at CES 2024, Elevating Outdoor Viewing Experience

Sylvox Unveils 75” Cinema Outdoor Smart TV at CES 2024, Elevating Outdoor Viewing Experience

Sylvox has made an impactful entry at this year’s CES with the launch of its 75” Cinema Outdoor Smart TV, a product that is set to transform outdoor entertainment spaces. This launch is a testament to Sylvox’s commitment to bringing high-quality, cinematic viewing experiences to outdoor environments.

The 75” Cinema Outdoor Smart TV stands out with its exceptional 3500 nits of brightness, ensuring a vivid and clear picture even in direct sunlight. This feature is crucial for outdoor settings and highlights Sylvox’s understanding of the unique challenges posed by outdoor environments. Additionally, the TV’s 120 Hz high refresh rate provides a smooth and immersive viewing experience, ideal for both fast-paced action movies and sports.

Equipped with an IP55 waterproof rating, the 75” model is designed to withstand various outdoor elements, making it a versatile choice for any outdoor setting, from luxurious backyard settings to commercial outdoor venues. This durability ensures that the TV can be a permanent fixture in outdoor spaces, offering consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

The unveiling of the 75” Cinema Outdoor Smart TV at CES has garnered attention for its blend of luxury, technology, and durability. Sylvox’s focus on creating a product that meets the specific demands of outdoor cinema enthusiasts sets a new standard in the outdoor TV market.

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