[Solved] Fixing XNspy Not Responding to Commands

[Solved] Fixing XNspy Not Responding to Commands

XNspy not responding to commands is a lesser-known issue you might face after updates. Updates to both the operating system and the app can introduce this bug. 

However, you do not need to worry. These issues are easily dealt with. With every update, XNspy resets its cache, clearing out some settings you may have done through the dashboard. The phone you monitor might also force-stop some of the app’s features. This is a common occurrence, and can even happen in other popular apps, like the recent crashes users reported on Facebook Messenger.

Today, we’ll be looking at some easy fixes for the ‘Xnspy not responding to Commands’ bug that people face:

How to Fix XNspy not Responding to Commands

These range in difficulty. Fixes, such as changing a setting, are easily done from the dashboard. However, some fixes require that you gain physical access to the phone. 

1. Disable ‘Upload Media on Charge’ and ‘Upload Media on WiFi

When the app receives an update, XNspy restores these settings to their default. These two settings can be enabled by default to preserve battery and mobile data on the phone that you are targeting. 

Here are the steps to disable them again:

Step 1: 

When you log into the XNspy dashboard, you will see a sidebar on the left. 

This sidebar is your navigation, with which you can explore the dashboard and features the app provides. 

Depending on the plan or subscription that you have purchased, the items that you will see on the sidebar will vary in number.

Step 2:

Near the bottom of the sidebar, you will see the ‘Settings’ with a cog icon. Click it to access the features of the app.

Step 3:

This screen will show you the respective features whose settings you can access. Click the ‘Eye’ icon to turn on or turn off certain features. 

If you find the ‘Upload Media Content on Wifi’ and ‘Upload Media Content on Charge’ settings enabled, you will have to turn them off:

Once done, the app may now start sending remote commands seamlessly. 

2. Check if Android Auto is allowed under “Stop optimizing battery usage.”

When installing the app for the first time, you might remember enabling several user permissions for the app. One such permission you must enable is the “Stop Optimizing Battery Usage.”

As the name of the setting implies, Android phones optimize battery usage by killing apps that they think are using too much data. This is a common problem popular apps still face when using the Android platform. To learn more about the setting, click here

The fix is easy and does not require too much time with the target phone to implement. Here’s how you can disable battery optimizations and check usage data access as well:

Note: We are using a Samsung with Android 13 for reference. These settings may look different depending on your phone’s make and model.

Step 1:

Navigate to the settings on your target phone. 

Step 2:

Navigate to ‘Battery and device care’

Step 3: 

You will see a number of options displayed on this screen. Tap ‘Background usage limits’ to access the optimization settings.

Step 4:

Here you will see several options. For the quickest fix, disable the ‘Put unused apps to sleep’ Please note that disabling this option will affect all apps on your phone and may drain the battery quicker. 

Step 4.1:

For a more focused approach, tap ‘Never sleeping apps’ and tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right. 

Step 4.2:

From the list of apps that opens, select ‘Android Auto.’ 

Step 5 (Usage Data Access)

In the ‘Usage Data Acess’ screen under ‘Special Acess’ for apps, check if access to Android Auto has been revoked. If the permission is turned off, please re-enable it. 

Enabling access here will solve your issue.

3. Check the Target Device’s Internet Connection 

XNspy works over WiFi or Mobile data to send and receive data from your target phone. It sends remote commands from your Mac or Windows laptop using this same mechanism.

Despite having a strong internet connection on the device you use to send commands, your target phone will not receive them if it’s not connected to the internet. 

Slow or unreliable connections also cause the same problems. Commands only go through once the device is back online.

Here’s what you can do to check your device’s internet connection

Step 1: 

Check if Airplane Mode is enabled This mode cuts off all incoming and outgoing internet connection on your device and can hinder XNspy’s functions as well. 

The quickest way to disable this setting is to tap the airplane icon from the notification dropdown.

Step 2:

Re-enable WiFi and mobile data if they have been turned off.

4. Reinstall the app

If all else fails, you will need to reinstall the app. Reinstalling the app takes about 5 minutes, and you can easily do it by following the installation guide in the XNspy dashboard.

When you reinstall the application, be sure to follow the guide to a tee without missing out on a single step. This is the most crucial part of the process and is where many users’ problems originate. 

For technical assistance, you can contact the app’s customer service. The customer service will cater to the installation process according to the make and model of the phone you wish to monitor. Variations in settings across devices can throw users off and introduce errors in the process. 

Reinstalling the app resolves 99% of the issues that you might be having with the app.


XNsp helps parents worldwide keep a better eye on their children. The online world can be a scary place, especially if you are a child. Apps like XNspy help parents make it a safer place.

As with any app, bugs can occur. But there are always fixes available. 

Any one of the fixes listed above will most likely fix the ‘XNspy not responding to commands’ issue. Some fixes you can do will require direct physical access to the phone. 

However, some of the easier ones will only require you to flip a switch from the online dashboard, so you can continue to remotely control any smartphone from your desktop.

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