How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading 2024

How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading 2024

Are you facing difficulties uploading your profile picture on BeReal or experiencing issues with your posts not uploading? Fret not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through simple and effective solutions to tackle the BeReal not uploading problem.

How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading 2024

Clearing Cache on Android

One common reason for BeReal not allowing profile picture uploads could be cached data issues. Here’s a simple step to clear cache on Android:

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • Find the “Apps” or “Application Manager” section.
  • Locate and select BeReal.
  • Tap on “Storage” and choose “Clear Cache.”

Check BeReal Servers

Before diving into troubleshooting your device, ensure that BeReal servers are functioning correctly. If the servers are down, it might affect your ability to upload content. You can check the official BeReal social media accounts for any server status updates.

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is crucial for smooth BeReal functionality. If you are facing upload issues, try the following:

  • Verify that your internet connection is stable.
  • Switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data to see if the issue persists.
  • Consider restarting your router or device to refresh the connection.

Update BeReal

Ensure you have the latest version of the BeReal app installed. Developers often release updates to address bugs and improve app performance. Visit your app store and check for any available updates for BeReal.

Restart Your Device

A simple device restart can work wonders in resolving minor glitches. Turn off your device, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. This can help refresh the system and resolve temporary issues.


Troubleshooting BeReal not uploading problems can be a step-by-step process, and these solutions cover common issues users encounter. Remember to perform each step carefully, and if the problem persists, reach out to BeReal support or the user community can provide additional assistance. Happy BeReal-ing!

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