How to use Android 13 on Windows 11

How to Use Android 13 on Windows 11

Windows always had a close affinity with Android. We could see it with the previous windows, most notably Windows 10, where you could use Android on it. But, that same thing wasn’t seen with Windows 11, taking us to the question of How to Use Android 13 on Windows 11.

Well, here we are for that specific reason because we are going to Guide you on using Android 13 on your Windows 11. This feature rolled out recently because Windows 11 wasn’t doing so well previously.

As we all know, Windows 11 has a ton of stability issues and most of the third-party software was also not supported by Windows 11. Even if you could use it, the result would be something glitchy or laggy. Android 13 on Windows 11 was also something similar but that changed recently. So, let’s jump straight to the topic.

Android 13 TikTok on Windows 11

How to Get Android 13 on Windows 11?

In the Preview of Windows 11, you can see Android 13 now. In order to get a taste of the latest Android on your lovely Windows, you need to first go for the Android Preview Program by Signing up for WSA or Windows Subsystem for Android.

Don’t mix it with the Windows Insider Program because both are completely different things. Fascinatingly, with this update allowing you to experience Android 13, you also get improved performance altogether for Windows 11.

If you don’t know how to do WSA Setup, you can check out How to set up Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 Guide by Android Police here.

Windows 11 Latest Update – Update 2211.40000.7.0

This was the latest Update we got for Windows 11, recently rumoring around. It brought some exceptionally well performance updates and fixes to the Subsystem. But, the main thing that the Windows 11 Devs added to the system was the WSA upgrade, bringing to your Android 13 official support.

Furthermore, the things were;

  • WSA Automation shutdown command
  • Boot performance improvement
  • Better Click Input on Mouse
  • Clipboard balancing increased
  • Resizing is improved for applications
  • Intel Bridge Technology is now upgraded to Android 13
  • Media FIles Opening and Readability are enhanced
  • App Shortcuts added to the Jumplist for applications.
Windows 11 Latest update for Android 13

Requirements to use Android 13 on Windows 11

  • Check if you have the Latest Windows 11 Update Installed. It should be 22000.526 Windows 11 version or higher.
  • The Store App for Microsoft should have Version 22110.1402.6.0 at minimum
  • Memory should be 8GB minimum and best to have 16GB
  • The minimum Processor should be i3 8th Generation, Snapdragon 8c or Ryzen 3000
  • SSD is required
Android 13 on Windows 11 Laptop Requirements

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Final Verdict

We all wanted to enjoy the Android 13 on our Windows 11 but couldn’t because of all the stability and other issues with the latest Windows. Finally, due to the latest update information from Windows, we can sign-up for the WSA, finally putting and end to the question of How to use Android 13 on Windows 11. Hope this guide helped you out and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment sections as well.


Can I run Android on my Windows 11?

Yes, now you can also run your Android on Windows because of the official update. It isn’t global right now but in a few countries, you can enjoy it.

Is Android 13 still running?

The updates were only promised till Oct 2022, putting an end to Android 13. Yes, it was the latest one and will be supported for years to come. We can also see that you can get Android 13 on Windows 11 because of the latest update.

Is Android 13 stable to use?

It isn’t a rumor, rather it is official that Android 13 is completely stable. You can use it on your Windows 11 as well, being the latest Android version to bless Androids.

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