Webtoon Lookism AI Filter Explained!

Webtoon Lookism AI Filter Explained!

Filter with a purpose...

Filter with a purpose...

Every social media network is known for one specific thing and TikTok is generally known for Filter Trends. The Webtoon Lookism AI Filter is not a new concept on TikTok but the implementation is quite new. Here in this guide, I will explain the Webtoon Lookism AI Filter in a detailed way. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip!

What is a Webtoon Lookism AI Filter?

On TikTok, you will find a trend going by the name of Lookism AI Filter. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, meaning your snaps are going to get an overhaul from computer intelligence.

Lookism AI Filter will change your normal pictures and convert them into a Manga Filter automatically, as it deems fit for you. Based on the new Webtoon Series popularly known as Lookism, it will select one of the characters and convert your picture into that.

What is so special about Lookism AI Filter

Most TikTok filters are just based on Love Interests or Butifying the pictures. There is rarely a higher purpose or a base behind that.

Webtoon Lookism AI Filter gives you the freedom of making your own Manga Characters, and sharing your expression with the world of TikTok (or even sometimes beyond).

Furthermore, here are a few notable Uses of Lookism AI Filter you will find interesting.

  • Transforms your Facial Image into a Manga Character
  • Share your self-expression and imagination with the world
  • Connect with other Lookism users
  • Make memories and enjoy your time

How to Use Webtoon Lookism AI Filter?

In order to use the Lookism AI Filter, you will first have to get it. Just like any other filter on TikTok, you will have to start the TikTok app or download it from the App or Play Store if you don’t have it.

Log into your account and from there press the + Icon and type in “Lookism AI Filter“. Select it and create snaps to apply the filter on top. In this way, you will get a Manga Character resemblance to your face.

Here are a few things on Using Lookism AI Filter perfectly.

  • Always be present in a good lighting spot. Standing opposite to the source is generally the way to go and natural light works best
  • Don’t get too close to the camera, keep your distance, and have even proportions
  • Try out different poses and change your expressions accordingly. Everyone has either the right or left side as the best one for pictures
  • Don’t try to outdo things. Try to have fun with the Lookism Filter

Webtoon Lookism AI Filter Explained – Background

Now that you know the front end of this filter, let’s get into the back end as well. Lookism is a popular new Webtoon made in South Korea by a person named Park Tar Joon.

The initial release goes back to 2014, in November. The story goes like this: “A student who can change into an ugly/fat person or change into a handsome/fit person“.

It was popular back then, but not many people knew about it. In December 2022, Netflix took the show and it created the start of popularity for the show.

The fat personality was a target of bullying in the school – Jar Won High School. After a long leave, he returns with a beautiful face and an appealing aesthetic body.

Lesson from Lookism Webtoon

Pretty realistic approach by the author because this thing is really happening in the world right now. Being fat isn’t wrong, but remaining that way is. You can change your appearance just by eating healthy, walking, running, jogging, and changing your mindset.

It not only changes you physically, but also affects you mentally, giving you more confidence, focus, and ability to strive for. If someone bullies you because of your physical appearance, you can take that negative energy and turn it into motivation. As Socrates once said “It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable

Hope I explained Webtoon Lookism AI Filter and did justice to the Lookism series. If you have any comments, or questions, feel free to let us know in the comment sections below.

The Verdict

The Lookism AI Filter on TikTok is one of the most hyped and popular trends. It is a webtoon comic filter that changed your pictures into the Lookism Characters. To get it on TikTok, you have to open the effects and search for the Lookism AI, then select it. The picture you are going to take will be turned into the Lookism Webtoon.

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