Who Killed Joe in Fool Me Once - Netflix

Who Killed Joe in Fool Me Once – Netflix

Netflix released a new series in the new year for the audience. Fool Me Once is a new mystery/thriller series based on the novel by Harlan Coben of the same name.

Fool Me Once is filled with shocking twists and turns that keep the audience in their seats. The series is full of deception and shocking sub-plots and has fans wondering if there will be a season 2.

The series follows the life of a Widow, Maya Stern as she tries to uncover who killed her husband after spotting him alive in the nanny cam of her daughter.

Who Killed Joe in Fool Me Once - Netflix

Is Fool Me Once Renewed For Season 2?

No, sadly Fool Me Once will not return for season 2 as it is a limited series and Netflix only does one season for the limited series.

Who Killed Joe?

One of the main mysteries of the show was Who Killed Joe Burkett? After a lot of twists and turns it was revealed in the seventh episode that no other than Maya Stern killed her husband but why?

Maya found out that Joe was the reason for Claire’s death as she was killed by the gun only she and Joe had access to. As Maya tries to confront Joe about Claire’s death he becomes violent and Maya has the original gun as she replaces Joe’s gun with a fake one. Two motorcyclists nearby witness what happened and reveal it to Detective Kierce.

But why did Joe kill Sister Claire? Claire was telling all the secrets of the Burkett company to Corey which included fake numbers of successful patient trials and deadly side effects.

Claire was not the only victim of Joe as he also pushed his brother from the boat in 1996 after their teammate Theo died due to the hazing ritual. So, Joe decided he would rather kill his brother than lose his freedom.

Who was in the Cam?

If Joe died then who was in the many cam footage? It was a shocking plot twist. The footage was a deep fake that was created using Joe’s wedding video and the Nanny’s boyfriend Joe’s mother to confuse Maya so she could reveal what happened to her son.

What happened to Maya?

Maya was killed by Judith and Caroline as she went to Burkett’s manor to settle the matter. After both of the parties accept their wrong-doings.

But Maya is soon shot by weaselly Neil. But, Maya had a plan to reveal all the wrong-doings of the family as a dying Maya glances towards the same digital photo that helped disguise her nanny cam which is being live-streamed to the whole world by Kierce and Corey.

Maya knew that she was going to die so she decided to leave her daughter Lily to Claire’s husband.


If you enjoyed Fool Me Once there are a lot of options on Netflix that are filled with the same plot twists as there will not be another season for the limited series.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.