Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season?

Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season?

After the release of the new updates and season as well, starting from the 14th – 18th of July 2023, we saw that around 10 percent of the player base left Diablo 4, but why? Here in this guide, we are going to discuss why players are quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season. So, let’s get started!

Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season?

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Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4?

It starts from the second we got the beta version of the game. As every beta release of the AAA title is, we got to experience the early release of the game. The developers want to know about the player’s opinions and then the bugs players have to face in the game.

As every player thought that developers will fix the issue, some die-hard Blizzard players knew what was going to happen. Fast forwarding to the Server Slam where we got to experience the same issues, bugs, and glitches in the game.

Well, still, the players thought that Blizzard Developers will get through all of those in the actual game. Guess what? Nothing happened and we got to experience the same game in the actual release as we did in the beta.

There were the same issues, the same bugs, and the same missing spots in the game. We had the same dungeons as we did in the server slam, how fascinating.

With each update of the game, players were expecting an increment or changes to the things players required. But, Blizzard, as they are always, started only Nerfing the Heck out of the characters, making the game feel useless to play.

Upon reaching Level 100, players found out that there was nothing else to do in the game. So, they had high hopes for Season 1 or the New Major Update of the game.

Diablo 4 Season 1, New Update!

On the 18th of July, we got to experience the first update of the game, the major one that everyone was hyped about. It was Season 1 of Diablo 4 that resets the game and everyone will have to start from level 1 with their new character.

With the release of the new season 1, players found out that there were hidden shadow nerfs to the WD 3 (World Difficulty 3) and the WD 4 (World Difficulty 4).

Now, you will have to be level 40 and 60 to clear the Capstone Dungeon. This was one of the major causes, but what happened on 14th July 2023? Well, they removed the Uber Items from the game completely.

Yes, that is what they did and the player place suddenly dropped 10 percent. Now, let’s mention the key factors below;

What Happened with the 18th July Patch?


  • Fun and Key Builds were nerfed
  • Nerfs to the existing builds and legendary effects
  • Crits and Vul were nerfed in builds
  • Loot drops of the overworld, exp gains, and cooldowns, along with survivability were nerfed
  • For the Glass Cannon and other sources, there was an increase of 20 to 25 percent in damage

Not Much Creativity

  • New Legendary and Uniques are good, but not enough for the Builds players were aiming for
  • New Gems are also good, but due to the nerfs of all classes, there wasn’t anything to cheer on

Longevity of the Game

  • So, all the things done might seem like they are for the longevity of the game, but the approach is quite strange. They are nerfing things in the game to make it more difficult.
  • Players are dying more due to less damage, bugs, and strange glitches. But, that drives the casual players away from the not, instead of hugging it.
  • There is nothing new to excite players. The same stuff that has been there to experience from Diablo 1 or other Blizzard Games. We could need some new bosses, challenges, endgame content, modes, and so on.

What to Expect from Diablo 4 in the Future?

The way and the path Blizzard chose for the game was seen in their first update. Early on, the die-hard Blizzard MMO lovers knew how they will treat the player base.

For the future of Diablo 4, we can expect the same Nerf to the builds and classes. There isn’t going to be anything dome for bugs and glitches in the game. All in one, things are going to remain this way. That is Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season.

Why Players are Quitting Diablo 4 After the New Season?

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