4 Important SEO Methods of 2023 

4 Important SEO Methods of 2023 

With changing Google algorithms, SEO techniques and methods are also changing. The most difficult part of search engine optimization is its fluidity. Google algorithms are updated 500 to 600 times a year. This sought that every day there is an update going on. SEO specialists dedicate their complete life to figuring out the ranking criteria. Still, they end up scratching their minds at the end of the day. The Good sea is also a prominent method to follow the growing trends. It is not possible to keep track of every change that happens. You have to be ahead of every competition to know about the biggest trends and search engine optimization methods of 2023. 

Know your Website’s Vitals

Know Website Vitals – No. 1 SEO Method 2023

Core web vitals of your website is a new thing in the domain. In 2023, you will familiarize yourself with these and the benchmarks behind them. Google will bring a Page Experience feature very soon which will rank pages according to their core web vitals.

Google describes these web vitals as a set of metrics measuring the speed, visual stability, and responsiveness of the website. On digging deeper, we come to know about some other terms included in the vitals: LCP, FID, and CLS. Google has updated many of its tools to include web vitals. 

Optimize for Passage Ranking

Google Passage Ranking Optimization – No. 2 SEO Method 2023

Passage ranking was launched by Google in 2020. Under this, the ones passing on web pages were ranked along with the entire page. This states Google can pull out sections from any page. For instance, you wrote about a digital marketing platform in a blog post. Your content includes factors like strategy, social media marketing, networks, metrics, etc. If your page ranks for the keyword networks even when you have not optimized it for the keyword, Google takes the relevant passage and starts indexing that specific part. 

Long term keywords

Long-Term Keywords – No. 3 SEO Method 2023

The longer the words in any search query, the more the chances of it reaching the featured snippet. In a very minor section of the keyword searches, 4.3 percent of single words result in any featured snippet. 17 percent of five-word keywords and 55 percent of ten-word keywords get featured. 

Use questions

Use Questions in Blog – No. 4 SEO Method 2023

Content should be created with the user’s perspective kept in mind. Often people post their queries in the form of questions. Any content should be written as an answer to these questions. If your content is produced by keeping these question-and-answer series in mind, it is most likely to get featured. Question words like ‘do’, ‘can’, and ‘why’ return the most number of featured snippets. Whereas, ‘where’ as a question word fetches the least number of featured snippets. 

Bottom Line

75 percent of searchers don’t even reach out to the second page of search results. It is important to figure out a way to beat algorithm updates and stay on the first page of SERPs. The article has put forth significant search engine optimization methods to keep you from refreshing the update page again and again. 

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