5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga in 2023

5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga in 2023

Kagura Bachi is a fairly new manga in the world of Shonen Manga Series, but due to the character design and the similarity to other top series, it caught a lot of attention from the fans. Being a hidden gem amongst other top choices, you might want to consider reading this guide on 5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Managa in 2023, to get the peak experience.

5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga in 2023

Kagura Bachi has a close-up similarity to various characters from top series like Zoro from One Piece, Ichigo from Bleach, and Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, making the main protagonist someone that we all love to drool over.

As the other top Manga Series including One Piece is fairly ancient and has been dominating the industry for a while, the release of such a Manga is a good change for once, encouraging manga lovers to try out this new series.


The first and peak choice for reading any manga, especially Kagura Bachi in 2023 is Guya.moe. This site not only provides you with a high-quality version of the manga to read, but can be accessed effortlessly on your Android, iOS, and even Windows PC.

For the Smartphone Android App version, you need to download Tachiyomi, and you can get the APK files from here. Here’s how to set it up for Android.

  • Click on the three lines on top left
  • Click on Extensions
  • Then install Guya
  • Head over to Catalogues
  • Click on Guya

Manga Plus by Shueisha

Specifically for Kagura Bachi Manga, you might want to head over to the Manga Plus by Shueisha to read it. It has all the latest chapters in the Manga Series, and you can just head over to the official website to read the manga.

It also has the English Version available for you to read. There is an available language section below, from there you can check out the languages.


Not the ideal choice, but Viz is still amongst the 5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga Online in 2023, it still dominates the others. It has a very decent and easy-to-understand interface, and you can read the English Manga Version here, which has been released so far.

The Kagura Bachi Anime can also be found here, as it was slowly released internationally with the English Version.


Manga Geko is again a top choice for every Manga Reader out there. It has a clean design that is not hard to interface with and find the manga you love reading.

Then again, it has all the chapters, with the English Translation available. You just have to follow the link and head to the Manga, start reading it for free.

Manga BTT

Last, but not least, Manga BTT Isn’t something that most people are fans of, but still, it shows you the Kagura Bachi Manga to read, with all the episodes that have been launched and having an English Translation.

One thing that you might want to consider is that it has a strange UI that frustrates people, and then it is also filled with Ads, taking the experience away.

With that, we are winding up our 5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga Online in 2023. The top pick is Guya.moe, recommended by even the Kagura Sama Subreddit.

In the 5 Best Websites to Read Kagura Bachi Manga in 2023, the best choice is Guya.moe.

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