Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners

Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners

Aether Gazer is making the news, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. This is why this article on Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners is here to make sure you succeed.

Best Aether Gazer Tips For Beginners

Reroll for Top-Tier Characters

Starting the game with a top-tier character gives you a huge head start. These top-tier characters include Tyr, Tsukuyomi, Asura, Poseidon Arctic Abyss, Ookuninushi, and Kuninotokotachi. 

To reroll for a top-tier character, close the game and start again. Then click on the User option in the Title screen’s top-right corner. Choose another email or reinstall the game. Complete the tutorial and claim the mailbox and code rewards. 

Finally, visit the Scan screen, selecting a banner from the top left. Spend your gacha currency on a banner with top-tier characters. If you still don’t get a top-tier, keep rerolling until you do. 

Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners

Complete In-Game Missions 

On top of story missions, Aether Gazer also features daily and weekly missions. Do not skip these in-game missions. They reward you with a ton of experience, valuable materials, and in-game currency. 

As you go through the game, new missions keep unlocking. The game’s resource acquisition drains and gains become lower after a certain threshold.

Daily missions are particularly great for maintaining a continuous supply of resources. Complete them every day to avoid missing out on any rewards. And don’t forget to claim your achievement rewards from the Achievements tab. 

Join A Guild 

You can choose to play by yourself, but playing as a team is more rewarding. To do this, join a Guild. These are analogous to clans in other video games. You unlock Guilds once you reach Admin Level 30. 

Guilds allow players to unite and play together. Their main perk is communication with more experienced players. Use this to meet other similar players and get personalized advice about your gameplay.

But keep in mind that the guild you join must be active and match your time zone. This makes conversation and fitting in much easier. To find an active guild, head to the game’s official Discord. 

Compose the Right Team 

Aether Gazer features a ton of characters you can choose from. Each with a different set of skills and utility. The characters are also divided into 5 different Gen-zones. Olympus, Nile, Shinou, Yggdrasil, and Asterism. When two characters in your team have the same Gen-zone, you get temporary buffs.

Taking everything into account, composing the right character team is of utmost importance. Each team has 2 basic and 1 leader characters. Unfortunately, you can only control the leader. The other team members battle using AI. 

By default, the character positioned in the team creation’s middle becomes the leader. Make sure this is someone with high Combat Power. To change team members, grab and move them around. 

Use Team-based Attacks

Skillchains are team-based special attacks. They are dependent on team composition. But they’re also ultimate attacks with the potential to annihilate anyone in their path.

To trigger one of these, you typically need to use specific skills in a specific order. Since skills differ between characters, you’ll need all the required characters on your team. 

Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners

Upgrade Your Characters 

Upgrading your Characters or Modifiers increases your base stats. This gives you a core strategic advantage against enemies. There are 4 main ways of upgrading your characters:

  • Upgrading Levels: To upgrade your modifier’s level, you need EXP Cards. The amount of EXP you get depends on the card’s rarity.
  • Limit Breaking: Each modifier has a specific level limit. Limit breaking your modifiers increases their level limit.
  • Upgrading Rank: Each modifier has a “base rank”. Use modifier duplicates to upgrade their ranks, increasing their base stats. 
  • Upgrading Skills: This is another way to upgrade your characters. For this, you need a currency called “Magic Factor”.
  1. Don’t Skip Tutorial Practice 

This game mode lets you practice your skills for a character. The first time you complete it, you get 3000 Ain Soph Coins and 30 Shifted Stars. This reward can be quite helpful as a beginner.

Unfortunately, this is a one-time thing. Completing the same Tutorial Practice again does not yield any rewards. 

Upgrade Your Weapons 

Your character’s weapons are their main source of stats in a battle. As such, it is very important to check your weapons for upgrades. To upgrade your weapons, you need the cube currency found in various areas of the game. You need several cubes to upgrade stats like damage dealing, attack power, etc. 

There are also keys granting special skills to weapons. Different types of keys grant different attributes. And if you have duplicate keys, you can combine them to increase the stats granted. 

Level Up Your Sigils 

Sigils in Aether Gazer are basically like equipment or runes. They serve as equipable enhancements, providing bonus stats and improved abilities. There are different types of Sigils. Equipping three Sigils of the same type completes a set. This unlocks additional effects specific to that set.

To level up your sigils, tap on one of your characters from the Modifier menu. Equip sigils by taping on Sigil and then Change. You can also tap Recommended Sigils for help. Then select a sigil and Cultivate. Pick your materials and Level Up.


Aim for top-tier characters, upgrade whatever you can, and work on your team composition and team-based attacks. If you keep these in mind, you’ll be on your way to success in no time. We hope this article on Aether Gazer Guide & Tips For Beginners helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.