Aliens Dark Descent Mission 7 Bug Not Saving

Aliens Dark Descent Mission 7 Bug Not Saving

The recent update from the Aliens Dark Descent Developers fixed most of the bugs in the game. Then again, there is Aliens Dark Descent Mission 7 Bug Not Saving, which wasn’t fixed. Here in this guide, we are going to go into the details of this bug and help you work around it as well.

Aliens Dark Descent Mission 7 Bug Not Saving

Can you Fix Mission 7 Not Saving Bug?

No, you can’t and the developers forgot to address this issue as well. So, actually, in mission 7, you can play it without needing any saves before the Marines Rest. After that, things get out of hand and the game becomes more complex.

Tips to Clear Mission 7 without Saves

Instead of looking for the fix, you can just go for the workaround. Below, we got some tips to clear mission 7 without saving the game.

  • Go to the right side of the ship first and clear that area. Get away from the elevator, and go back to Otago. In the second attempt, do the remaining quests.
  • Spam Motion Trackers to lure the drones, as well as the runners.
  • You can place the corridor crossroads to kill the aliens that are roaming around passively, without your interference.
  • Place one to two turrets at the Alien Spawn point to keep the Aliens Roaming around from reaching the area of exploration.

The Verdict

Recently, the Aliens Dark Descent developers fixed nearly all the problems in the game, but there are still a few remaining. Aliens Dark Descent Mission 7 Bug Not Saving is one of those. There is no fix for that, but you can accompany some tips to do this mission without saving.

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