Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving - Game Save Not Working!

Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving – Game Save Not Working!

Recently players discovered that the Aliens Dark Descent wasn’t saving because the Game Save was not working as it should be. Before mission 7, players were able to proceed with the autosave as usual. It is saved after each instance. But, after the 7th mission, things started changing. Now, players can’t even save the game because of this strange game save bug. Let’s talk about it in detail below.

Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving - Game Save Not Working!

What is the Game Save Not Working Bug?

The title really defines the bug itself. The game stops saving itself after you reach a specific part of the game progression. This is a game glitch that is related to the servers.

Even after completing some missions without the game save not working, there are some that allow the game to save properly. So this is actually pretty random and not based on a specific scenario.

How to Fix Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving

In order to fix this issue, you will have to manually rest in the room and save the game from there. The choice you make at the beginning of the game alters this. Whether you are choosing the first option or the second, your savings will drain some valuable resources.

The second one, meaning the harder option in the game is based on altering the game saves. You will have two slots that are continuously changing after you save them manually. So, this is pretty much it.

Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving - Game Save Not Working!

The Verdict

One of the most head-aching bugs in Aliens Dark Descent is Game Save Not Working. In order to fix Aliens Dark Descent Not Saving, you will have to basically manually save the game. There is no permanent fix as of now and it will probably take some time for the developers to release a new patch or an update targeting the game save bug.

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