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Where to Find Gas Mixing Chips in Aliens Dark Descent

You are walking around the ship in search of the Mixing Chips for your ship, but you can’t find them. The reason is that they are hidden in a room with certain stuff that you might recognize. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you the Location for Where to Find Gas Mixing Chips in Aliens Dark Descent. Let’s get started!

Where to Find Gas Mixing Chips in Aliens Dark Descent

About Aliens Dark Descent

Aliens Dark Descent is a masterpiece of Tindalos in collaboration with Disney and published by none other than Focus Entertainment.

Set in a futuristic world, the real-time strategy game is from a top-down perspective. You have squads of marines and your job is to fight Xenomorphs (Aliens).

There are some rogue agents as well belonging to some corporation that you need to battle alongside the Aliens. There are starting classes and each one has special abilities

You can use strategies like commands and ambush to change things around. Exploration, combat, puzzles, welding door, planting turrets, and much more. All of this is present here in the game. You even have to make a shelter in order to protect oneself from the Aliens.

As you give more and more time to combat, the character does feel mentally broken. That is why there is a mental and a physical health bar.

Aliens Dark Descent Mixing Chips Location

You need to follow the main quest and check every room. There will be a room where you have the hypersleep chamber in a circular arrangement with a central pillar.

There is a computer in the middle as well in that room along with the cryo pods. This is the room you need to look out for and there you will find the mixing chips.


  • Get the Mixing Chips quest
  • Proceed with the story
  • Check Rooms
  • Find a Room with a central pillar and a central computer terminal. There are some cryo pods or sleep chambers in a circular format around that pillar.
  • In that room, you will get the Mixing Chips
Where to Find Gas Mixing Chips in Aliens Dark Descent

The Verdict

Aliens Dark Descent is sometimes quite scary to play. While other times it puzzles the players in some missions. As on Where to Find Gas Mixing Chips in Aliens Dark Descent on the ship, you need to find a room with a central computer and a pillar with sleeping pods around it.

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