How to Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

How to Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

Yes, the game is developed by “From Software”, so things are going to be quite difficult, especially for the bosses. One such is the Smart Cleaner, and in case you are having trouble, we have you covered in our guide on How to Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6.

Smart Cleaner is a boss, who is quite tanky, and you need to damage him in order to beat him, just like any other. The reason for the difficulty is that you actually can’t get enough of the damage done to him.

Whether these are your Missile Rack the Vertical Plasma Missiles, or even the Burst Rifle, you won’t be able to deal any damage to the Smart Cleaner in AC6 because the fight isn’t meant to be taken like this.

There are specific spots you need to have targeted, and also specific weapons for that. We got you covered below, with all the details.

How to Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

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About Armored Core 6

You probably know “From Software”, if you are even a bit into gaming, or you could know them as the makers of “Souls Series” and “Bourne Series”, as in Dark Souls, Blood Bourne, and the latest “Elden Ring”.

Well, their latest take on video gaming is a new concept that goes by the name of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. It is a Mech-Based Vehicular Combat.

You pick your own Giant Robot and become its pilot, taking control, which are also referred to as the Armored Cores. There is a ton of flexibility provided by the developers when it comes to their modifications.

You can pretty much change a ton of things, making that machine, your own. There are specific builds just like in their other games, due to these same enhancements or freedom to change.

Either you take on the role of a tank, or go full-on damage, it is totally on you. There is a story and a lure here, just like their other “Master Pieces”, but it isn’t quite like Souls Games.

We can’t break that down for you, as it will take away all the fun, that makes this game special, but rest assured, “From Software” got it covered. Also, the game is in 3rd Person Perspective, just like their previous Game of the Year.

How to Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

Defeat Smart Cleaner Boss in Armored Core 6

To defeat Smart Cleaner, you will have to shoot the face, as well as the exhaust’s interior. You might as well be using those High Impact Weapons to damage the Smart Cleaner in AC6, instead of other weapons you are already using.

You can also take the spamming path of Duel Lazers on the back and Machine Gun. Then just ram him with 4 of your guns, not even giving him a chance.

Hover over the funnels that are on the top of the Smart Cleaner Boss. Then use the heavy weapons to fire down into it. Also, utilize the crab legs and float in the air for the whole fight. Yes, it isn’t like the spam method, but it is safer and easier.

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