All essential features of the honor x8a screen you need to know

All essential features of the honor x8a screen you need to know

When you plan to buy a smartphone, you study everything about that particular phone in detail. You want to be sure about everything from its features and specifications to its screen. Honor x8a is one of the latest launches by Honor. Its features and specifications are something to talk about. So this blog is specifically dedicated to the honor x8a screen to help you guys to understand everything about this phone.

Brief description of honor x8a:

With every new launch, Honor is always setting a benchmark. Honor x8a is the latest 2023 launch, but soon after its launch, it was reviewed and the reviews are greatly in its favor which simply shows that its features need to be talked about.

Honor x8a, first of all, is apt for all those who want to buy a mid-range phone with all essential features. In simple words, one can say that this phone offers elite smartphone features at a very decent, reasonable price.

The phone is available in 3 color variants, with each color pleasing to the eyes.

Mostly talked about features of honor x8a include 4G supporting features and lightweight (approximately 180 g). The phone can support dual sims and has 6.7 inches screen, which is amazing, right?

The phone’s internal memory is enough to keep all your important files and applications on the phone. The main camera is 100 MP wide, giving a wholly natural look to your photos and videos. The large and wide screen gives a full-view display to the users.

A large battery of 4500 mAh is embedded in it, and a playtime of up to several hours can be enjoyed on a single charge.

In UAE, the phone is now available, and you can get your hands on it from nearby Honor stores.

All essential features of the honor x8a screen you need to know

Honor x8a screen

If we specifically talk about the Honor x8a screen, the phone is 162.99 mm long, 74.5 mm wide, with 7.48 mm in depth. The edges of the phone are round. The screen is 6.7 inches.

The screen-to-body ratio of honor x8a is 93.6 percent. Its refreshing rate is 90 Hz. This 6.7 inches screen gives a full-view display. With this screen, the user enjoys unforgettable watching experiences. Online gaming and video playing have become more fun on this screen.

The phone’s frame is ultra-thin and slim, making more space for the screen. The 1.1 mm ultra-thin frame enhances the screen space of this phone.

With these screen specifications, the phone can choose the correct pictures and videos. High resolution with soft and natural effects to the pictures is possible with honor x8a, and the view becomes even better on its screen.

Wrap up

The honor x8a screen is truly admirable with all its features discussed in this blog. Also, this phone is the latest launch and is priced at a very decent range. The screen of this phone can be its highlight and majorly talked about thing. If you would like to get your hands on honor x8a, read this article to learn about its screen and other features.

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