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Change Starfield FOV with these Simple Steps!

Starfield might be perfect for most people, but it does have a reasonable flaw, which is FOV. There is no FOV Change option provided by Bethesda for players to go through. It makes all the community members get stuck with the same range of vision. Don’t worry, we are going to share with you details on How to Change Starfield FOV with these Simple Steps.

Basically, in most games where FOV Change is not provided, the reason is multiplayer. In COOP games, the FOV slider gives an advantage to people, giving more Field of Vision.

In a game like Starfield, where there is no Multiplayer, you can effortlessly change FOV if provided, without any unreasonable advantage.

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Introduction to Starfield

Starfield is sometimes referred to as one of the most anticipated games of 2023, or some even refer to it as Game of the Decade. In either case, the titles given to this game speak for themselves.

Starfield was developed by the masters themselves, going by the name of “Bethesda Games Studios”, and published by “Bethesda Softworks”, who are known to create some other masterpieces like Fallout, Skyrim, and Can’t Forget Doom.

Taking place in a Space Theme this time, you have a futuristic world. This means you can travel from one planet to another in a completely different environment and time.

On top, you have your very own futuristic equipment like Space Ships, and vehicles used to travel on grounds/air. You start the game as a miner, who works in the Settled Systems, as Exploration is something that was done in the past.

But, you are different, as you love to explore things and discover something completely new on your own. Each path you take in the game will basically pave a different route for you. So make up your mind before you jump into anything.

Change Starfield FOV with these Simple Steps!

Change Starfield FOV with these Simple Steps!

As we all know there is no FOV Change Option in Starfield. You will have to follow these simple steps to change it manually. Takes only a few seconds to 2 minutes.

  • Open Console with ~
  • Type “SetCameraFOV [third person fov] [first person fov]”
  • In the [], you need to type in numbers, like 90, 85, or 80
  • Example: SetCameraFOV [90] [90]

That is how you can Change Starfield FOV with these simple steps.

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