How to Create "By Balenciaga" Video Edit

How to Create “By Balenciaga” Video Edit

The Internet is a wonderful place where people can basically share incredible unique edits. Yes, one of them is the “By Balenciaga” meme which is actually an edited video showcasing the Balenciaga Style Modeling with a pinch of Harry Potter on top. Oh… the magnificent quotes they speak. If you are like me, you might be wondering How to Create a “By Balenciaga” Video Edit. We found it out and here I am going to help you learn about it as well.

How to Create "By Balenciaga" Video Edit

How to Make By Balenciaga Video?

The Video is made completely by AI. Yes, you heard that right, loud, as well as clear. It takes snaps from the shoot and turns it into a full fledge By Balenciaga Video. You will have to pass through various steps and compile together a Video Edit in the end.

  • Use the Midjourney AI to create images
  • Use AI Voice Generator Eleven Labs to create voices
  • Take quotes from the series and put Balenciaga in them like “One does not simply walk into a Balenciaga Fashion Show”
  • Combine everything together and you just Created a By Balenciaga Video.


Now you exactly know How to Create “By Balenciaga” Video Edit. Make images and voices using AI and then compile them together to make the amazing Balenciaga Video edit just like you saw on YouTube.

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