How to Find Like-Minded and Skilled Diablo 4 Players to Play with?

Diablo 4 Server Kicked – Stuck in Queue, Game Pending!

Everyone thought that the Blizzard will learn from the Server Slam, as well as the Beta gameplay. But, went the other way around and all the issues in both of these were carried on to the Early Access. Guess what… The official launch now has the same issues as well. The servers that couldn’t hold the 30 percent of total players now have to deal with 100 percent of players. This results in various bugs including Diablo 4 Server Kicked and getting stuck in Queue or Stuck in Game Pending. There are players who can’t even get back in the game.

Diablo 4 Server Kicked - Stuck in Queue, Game Pending!

Why am I Stuck in Game Pending or in Queue?

Honestly, the thing is obvious here. The servers are filled up to the brink and you can’t do injustice to them even further. All the extra players in the servers are going to be kicked out.

Then you are stuck in the Game Pending issue or in a long Queue, where the server waits for someone else to get out and then puts someone else inside. This is the reason you can’t play Diablo 4.

Fix Diablo 4 Server Kicked – Stuck in Queue, Game Pending

You can’t fix it yourself, but there are a few things you can check here and there that might help. Below we got some ways to fix Diablo 4 Server Kicked, Stuck in Queue, and Game Pending. Let’s get started.

  • Restart the game and keep restarting till you actually are inside the game. There is no priority system here, it is just basic luck. The server might give you a chance.
  • Check your Internet because having high latency and slower internet reduces your chances to get inside the game.
  •; Relogin and Verify the game files. Might be the game files as well, no one knows for certain.
  • Update the GPU and get the latest Drivers for everything because it might be the case here as well.
  • When you are inside the game, make sure your settings are set to the lowest ones. The faster your game runs, the better it is.
Diablo 4 Server Kicked - Stuck in Queue, Game Pending!

The Verdict

Diablo 4 really put players down because these issues were addressed before in the beta and then the server slam. Devs had a ton of time to simply correct everything else but didn’t. 2023 is really a bad year for the gaming community. If you are a victim of Diablo 4 Server Kicked, and you are Stuck in the Queue of Diablo 4 or stuck in Game Pending, then this guide right here might help you.

In case things don’t work, simply wait and relax because no one can officially do this for you except the devs and the servers. It is a server filling up to the edge and then stopping extra players to come in.

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