Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide

Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide

Looking for a good Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide? Look no further. Keep reading for the Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon location and how to complete it.

Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide

Vault Of The Forsaken Location

You can find the Vault of the Forsaken dungeon in Scosglen, in the Wailing Hills subregion. This subregion is home to the Braestaig waypoint and north of Cerrigar. 

To get to it, travel to the Braestaig waypoint. Then head northeast. You’ll reach an intersection. Go right and then left at the next turn to enter the Bronagh Expanse. From there, move northeast to the Expanse’s end. 

You’ll eventually reach the dungeon entrance near a beach. It resembles a rocky cave with an orange glow from within.

How to Complete Vault Of The Forsaken 

Slay enemies in Shipwreck Respite

Your first task upon entering this dungeon is to slay all the enemies in the Shipwreck Respite. This is the first area of this dungeon and features waves of both normal, minion, and elite enemies. 

The Elite enemies are Quartermaster and First Mate variants. Deckhands, Shambling Corpses, Plague Maggots, and Wretches support these. You must kill all of them to clear the objective. 

Once you’ve killed a certain number of enemies, a counter will appear next to the objective. This will show you the number of enemies left. Hunt them down. 

Travel to Sailors’ Demise

Your next task is to reach the Sailors’ Demise. To do this, go through the previously-blocked archway. Fight the Tidewalkers and First Mates in the room while avoiding the spikes coming out of the floor. 

Once all the enemies are dead, activate the two levers in the room. This will unblock the exit. Go straight to enter Sailors’ Demise.

Kill Captain Murador and Mates 

A skull icon marks Captain Murador on the minimap. He’s accompanied by two Mates. The First Mate makes poison pools, while the Second Mate throws fireballs with AoE damage. 

Captain Murador himself has Ice powers and can make shockwaves by smashing his club into the ground. Find and slay all three of them. 

Open Chamber Door with Chamber Key

Captain Murador drops the Chamber Key when you kill him. This opens the Chamber Door leading to the final boss, the Drowned Seahag.

Defeat Drowned Seahag

The Drowned Seahag is a large, humanoid creature. This final boss doesn’t move around much but can spawn Wretches and drive them into a frenzy. Other than that, she swings her club around as a basic attack. And can throw out three geysers with an AoE effect. 

To defeat this boss, make sure to dodge its heavy swings and AoE attacks. Deal damage whenever you can and use crowd control attacks to clear the summoned minions quickly.

Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide


You can find this Dungeon in Scosglen, in the Wailing Hills subregion. We hope this Diablo 4 Vault Of The Forsaken Dungeon Guide helps. As always, happy gaming!

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