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DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission

If you are having trouble with DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission, we have you covered here in our guide. Let’s get started!

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DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission

In this mission, you need to barter a defective dog bank from the scavenger buy station. Then Dead Drop that defective dog bank to the shopkeeper in Koschei Complex.

After that, you need to Xfil that Classified that Classified Coney Intel that the shopkeeper would drop for you.

Solo Pay It Forward DMZ Mission

If you are a solo goer, there are two ways to do this mission. These are the active and the passive approach. Active is also faster than the other one we are going to mention below as well.

Active Approach

Here, you will have to kill the operators. If you kill the squad, you need to loot at least one bronze dog tag. Then leave the rest.

This is the requirement to Barter a Defective Dog Bank. Afterward, let the Scavenger Loot the other teams or the other operators.

Passive Approach

In the Passive Approach, you wait and try not to kill anyone. We are going to focus mostly on the Passive Approach below, because it is better than the Active Approach in many ways.

First of all, you need to get the Light Hilo and hit it on top of the control tower. Do it as long as the Pyro is not there. This is going to make the light Hilo slightly hidden on the map.

The icon of the control tower will block it if zoomed out. Next, you will have to find a disguise in DMZ. Anything will do including green crates, duffel bags, and so on.

After disguise, you need to wait for any call for the plea. Don’t loot them, but loot the dog tag only. In case some time passes, you might need to hunt a solo as well.

Sometimes the Solo does to AI in DMZ, which makes it quite easy for you. After you have the Dog Tag, you need to monitor the map for any Deployable Buy Stations that would appear.

Miss out on Zaya because the Buy Stations there don’t count because it is not a scavenger Buy Station. If there are two, then one of those is Scavenger Buy Station.

You can also do the Intel Contracts to find the Scavenger Buy Station in DMZ. After enough waiting around and hoping for Scavenger not to be killed yet, the Deployable Buy Station will appear.

It will always be a Scavenger, which is guaranteed. Head to the location, and use the barter. After you are done, the first part of the DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission is done.

You can go for a fresh start here or head to Koschei Complex for a fast run. After navigating through the Flooded Barracks, and get to the factory. The shop is on the same level and the dead drop is in between two Buy Stations.

After dead dropping the dog bank, the shopkeeper will dead drop the Classified Coney Intel and all you have to do now is Exfil. If you use the L2 Restricted Zones, it is a better and safer Exfil.

With that you have completed the DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission.

DMZ Pay It Forward Tier 5 Shadow Company Mission

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