DMZ Missions not Working - Mission not counting!

DMZ Missions not Working – Mission not counting!

The new content in COD DMZ is just spectacular. You get to enjoy some lengthy missions with some hardcore combat. But, recently, players noted that DMZ Missions are not working as intended. The issue here is that the Missions are not counting properly. You get to complete a mission and the next thing you notice is that it isn’t completed in the logs. Here we are going to discuss it in detail.

DMZ Missions not Working - Mission not counting!

Why are missions not counting?

Basically, this is a game-breaking bug in the game. You will have to complete the mission multiple times in order to complete them. Most of the time, the missions that require deployment have DMZ Missions not Working Bugs.

It will show the mission as completed in one part before the deployment and when the other part appears after deployment, the game basically shows it as a different play.

Therefore, that is termed incomplete after the match. Let’s get to the fix below.

How to Fix DMZ Missions not Working – Mission not counting!

In order to fix DMZ Missions not working bug, you should first look at where the issue is. We already mentioned above that the deployment missions have this bug.

You complete one deployment and it is termed as completed. Then after a while, when you go to the next deployment, it will be termed as incomplete even after completing it.

To Fix the Mission Not Counting issue in DMZ, you need to complete the whole deployment mission in one game. The missions with the word “in the same deployment” have this issue.

Even when you completed one part and the other is left, you need to complete the whole mission in order to go through it. This said, even when the mission says, it is completed.

DMZ Missions not Working - Mission not counting!

The Verdict

Sometimes when you complete a mission in DMZ, it says the mission is not completed afterward. This is related to the mission with deployment. You can complete the part before the deployment, but after the deployment occurs, it will be termed incomplete. This shows the whole mission is incomplete. To fix DMZ Missions not Working, and Mission not counting, you will basically have to complete it together. Even when it says completed while you didn’t complete it as a whole, you will have to go through the progression from start to finish again.

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