How to Complete Carted Away Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Complete Carted Away Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a new and exciting adventure game that takes players into the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The game features a variety of side quests that players can complete to earn rewards and progress through the game. In this post, we’ll be discussing one of these side quests, Carted Away Side Quest, and providing a guide to help players complete it as quickly as possible.

Finding the Missing Moth Picture

The first step in completing the Carted Away Side Quest is to find the missing moth picture. This can be found near the Central Hall location, under the staircase in the same area.

How to Complete Carted Away Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Defeating the Goblins

Once you’ve found the missing moth picture, you’ll need to take out some of the goblins guarding Arn’s carts. You can do this by sneaking up on them and knocking them out with a Sleeping Draught, then using the Unlocking Charm to open the door. After that, use a Knockback jinx to help you escape the room.

Defeating the Goblins at the Southwest Camp

The next step is to defeat the remaining goblins at the camp southwest of Hogwarts, which requires players to use Wiggenweld potions to restore their health. After defeating the goblins, players can deliver Arn’s carts to Ann to complete the quest.

How to Complete Carted Away Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Learn Magic and Make Important Choices

In addition to completing side quests, players can attend classes, discover dungeons, secret passageways, and learn a variety of spells, magical plants, and potions to use on their adventure. To play Hogwarts Legacy, players must level up their character and upgrade their equipment to improve their offensive and defensive capabilities. The game also features important choices that will affect the player’s destiny as a witch or wizard.


Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive game that offers a unique adventure in the world of Harry Potter. Although no information is available regarding updates or expansions for the game at this time, players can expect to be kept busy for hours completing side quests, attending classes, and exploring the magical world of Hogwarts.


What is the Carted Away side quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Carted Away side quest is one of several side quests available in the game. In this quest, players must find a missing moth picture and defeat goblins guarding Arn’s carts.

What do I need to play Hogwarts Legacy?

To play Hogwarts Legacy, players will need to be a witch or wizard and have a level-up character. Upgraded equipment and knowledge of magic and spells will also be necessary to progress through the game.

Will there be any updates or expansions for Hogwarts Legacy?

There is no information available at this time regarding updates or expansions for Hogwarts Legacy.

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