How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to Hogwarts Legacy Combat

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have that usual hand-to-hand combat nor has swords, weapons, or guns. Rather, you will be using that Hogwarts Legacy Wand to attack, as well as defend yourself. You ask, how to fight in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, here we have an amazing Guide to Hogwarts Legacy Combat to help you out.

How does Combat Work in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide to Combat in Hogwarts Legacy

The Combat in Hogwarts Legacy is divided into various types. Below, we will be going into the dept of every simple type;

Attacking in Hogwarts Legacy

Guide to Combat in Hogwarts Legacy – Attacking

When you are fighting enemies, you have to keep the Offensive Side in check as well. Therefore, you will use Spells and Items to conjure Attacking Magic. Press the RT or R2 to deal with the Basic Attack and try out some Combos as well.

Using Spells

You will have to Assign the Spells you like in the Spell Slot. There are four Spells you can put in the Slot. The Diamond on your Screen shows you those Spells. By holding the RT or R2 Button you can access these Slepps and select the one based on the Button on your Controller.

Once you go onwards, you can put more and more Spells, like around 16 Spells that you can select from. Whenever you are wondering How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy, just make sure that these Four Spells need to be according to the situation.

Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like the Magic that can be cast on the enemies to damage them, there is an Ancient Magic in the game that you can watch as Magical Flames Swirl. There is a Metre of Ancient Magic and once it gets filled, you can perform various Combos with your Magic on the enemies.

You will need to fill the Bar to around 10x and once it is done, you can press RB or R1 and LB or L1 together to use Ancient Magic. Once you use this Powerful Magic, the bar will become empty and you will have to Recharge it

How to Recharge Ancient Magic in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Enemies will be dropping some type of Orbs that you can pick up to Fill the Ancient Magic Bar. The time it takes to refill the Ancient Magic Bar is kind of low but worth every second of your time.

Defending in Hogwarts Legacy

Guide to Combat in Hogwarts Legacy – Defending

When you are being attacked by others, they will use Spells on you. You can deflect those using Y or Triangle. You can cast Defensive Spells like Protego that block the Spells from others and reduce their damage.

You can also Block the Enemy Attacks in Hogwarts Legacy by doing a Counter Attack through Y or Triangle. But here, you will have to hold it instead of tapping it. Sometimes it can deflect and do damage to enemies.

Dodging in Hogwarts Legacy

Blocking is a great mechanism in Hogwarts Legacy but you can’t always expect to Block every spell. There are times when you can’t Block and then you will have to Dodge the Attack from the enemy.

At the moment you will see a Red Indication on top, you can Dodge the Attack. Press either B or O on your controls and you will Dodge the Attacks.

Shields in Hogwarts Legacy

There are different Shields in Hogwarts Legacy. These Shileds are based on their colors. They protect you from enemy Magic that they cast on your as Attacks.

  • For Violet Color Shield you will need Accio to Break
  • For Yellow Color Shield you will need Levioso to Break

How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can utilize various Consumables, Targets, Stealth, and other things to Fight.

How to Target Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

You can press the R3 Button to lock onto the Targets. To target the enemies, you can press the Right Stick, but after locking onto the targets in Hogwarts Legacy.

Stealth in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy – Stealth

Some people wonder How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy while remaining Silent. As a plus on Combat Guide to Hogwarts Legacy, you can also use the art of silence and sneaking around. You can use specific Magical Spells like Disillusionment that allows you to become one with Environment, going invisible.

You can then sneak around in the field of battle. But by using specific Spells like Petrificus Totalus, you can throw the enemies around, finishing their Invisibility. For that, you have to press Square Key or X key.

Using Consumables in Hogwarts Legacy – Tool Wheel

When you want to use the Consumables in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to use the Tool Wheel to scroll around the various things like Potions, Bombs, Plants, and so on. You can even choose the L1 to choose the Quick Slot.

How to Practice Fighting in Hogwarts Legacy?

Don’t just jump straight to combat and fight off enemies, rather hop in the 3 Arenas provided by developers in Hogwarts Legacy to Practice Fighting. There are two you can utilize, but the last one is made specifically for the Dark Arts.

You will have to complete various challenges for Arenas, but the Dark Arts one is specifically for fighting enemies with Curses.

Dueling Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Dueling Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you know How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy through our Guide to Combat. You can Duel with the other Crossed Wands Club. You can participate in the Duels and through those, you will Earn Dueling Feats.

They are further useful for increasing your Arsenal of Spells, increasing your Skills, as well as abilities in the process.

Final Verdict

Well, these are every detail on How to Fight in Hogwarts Legacy. Attacking might not be that difficult but when it comes to Defending yourself in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to dodge, put shields, and counter. Each movement has its own benefits and here in our Guide to Combat in Hogwarts Legacy, we tried explaining everything.

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