Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Camera Auto Adjust Explained!

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Camera Auto Adjust Explained!

In most games with extreme camera adjustment, you have several issues. It depends on how the developers handle it. Either by providing manual options or by automatically adjusting the camera. In Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Camera Auto Adjusts. Because of this, players have several issues and we are here to explain them in detail.

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Camera Auto Adjust Explained!

What is Camera Auto Adjust

So, basically in most top to bottom view games, you will find that the camera doesn’t move that often. It just sticks on top just like in Diablo 4.

On the other side, with the games having complete control over the camera, things can get pretty messy. For that, there is Camera Auto Adjust that simply sets itself automatically.

Does FF16 have an Auto Adjust Camera?

Yes, Final Fantasy 16 has this auto-adjust feature that sets the camera to a preferred angle. You can’t leave the camera at a specific point because it sets that to a certain angle itself.

It can happen regardless of where you are and the area you are standing at. Camera adjustment is automatic here completely. You can’t manually control it. Due to this, things can sometimes get out of control.

The Camera sets itself to a specific area that is not reliable to play with.

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Camera Auto Adjust Explained!

Can you change the Camera settings in FF16?

No, as of right now, you can’t change the camera settings in FF16. The Automatic Camera Adjustment is permanent and you can’t change it inside the settings of Final Fantasy 16.

The next update for FF16 will probably have this. After that, you can leave the camera in a specific position without automatically changing it.

The Verdict

Final Fantasy 16, with all due respect, is a near-perfect game with perfect optimization and gameplay. But, there is one thing that bothers players which is Automatic Camera Adjustment. In FF16, you can’t turn off the Automatic Camera Adjustment, but in the near future, we will have this option.

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