Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Grim Reaper - Prince of Death Hunt Location

Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Grim Reaper – Prince of Death Hunt Location

Having trouble finding the Prince of Death Hunt Location? Keep reading this step-by-step guide to learn exactly how to locate this Notorious Hunt Mark. 

Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Grim Reaper - Prince of Death Hunt Location

How to Find Prince of Death in FF16?

Visit Hunt Board

There’s a Hunt Board in the Hideaway displaying flyers about monsters from concerned civilians. Nektar the Moogle maintains this Board. And while the monster locations are vague, they are still helpful in tracking down your hunts. 

You need to visit this Hunt Board to get clues on the Prince of Death’s location. Once you do, talk to Nektar. You’ll see a flyer about the grim reaper. It talks about a saying among the imperial soldiers of the Northreach garrison. They warn each other to stay away from the drowned tower, afraid of the specter’s sickle reaping its root.

The soldiers often talk rudely of the thrall dwelling within the aetherflood. He seems to be a high-ranking member of his species. Thanks to his frightful aspect and command over lesser minions.

Travel to Northreach  

From the Hunt Board, you already know you’ll find this monster somewhere in Northreach. This is in the Empire of Sanbreque. Fast travel to the Northreach Obelisk from the Hideaway. 

Head to Cressida

From Northreach, head north till you’re out of town and in the Royal Meadows. Then summon a mount and ride down the path right in front of you. Ignore any enemies along the way and keep following the path. 

You’ll reach the top of a hill shrouded in blue mist. This hill is just east of Westwatch. And this is where you’ll see the Prince of Death. Get close enough, and you will trigger a cutscene. Then you will have to fight this A-rank boss. 

Find Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Grim Reaper - Prince of Death Hunt Location

Battle Tips 

  • This reaper-type enemy can use up to three projectile slashes in a row. Make sure you don’t let this catch you off guard. 
  • Once the Prince of Death’s HP is below half, it starts using heavy-damage combo attacks. This technique also covers a fair bit of distance. So your best bet is to keep your distance and precision dodge. 
  • Like with all Reaper-style enemies, you need to delay your dodges until you see the scythe swinging. This enemy is designed to bait you into moving early.
  • Be sure to bring lots of healing items and useful buffs in preparation for this hunt.
  • You earn 8000 XP, 100 Ability Points, 15000 Gil, 45 Renown, and valuable Darksteel crafting material for defeating the Prince of Death. 


You can find the Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) Prince of Death on a hill just east of Westwatch. We hope this article on the Prince of Death Hunt Location helps. As always, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.