How Does Torgal Change Forms in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

How Does Torgal Change Forms in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

Final Fantasy 16 has some unique creatures that you can see in the game and experience their strange abilities. One such is Torgal, a wolf and Joshua Rosfield has him locked up in the artwork. Pretty much identical to a gray-colored wolf and affiliated with the House Rosfield. He is a male wolf by the way. So, recently, some players have had their fair share of doubts on How does Torgal Change Forms in FF16 Final Fantasy 16? Is it random or it is by decision?

How Does Torgal Change Forms in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

Torgal Change Forms are Random

So, Torgal changes the forms randomly. It is mentioned by a player named PlatinumBreaker. When Torgal will awaken, there are quite a few skills he can actually use. These are related to his Fenrir form, but the skills aren’t active. They are all passive.

In order to trigger these Forms, you need to use Clive’s Limit Breaker, still, it isn’t guaranteed. Sometimes, Torgal won’t change the form even after the limit breaker.

You can still focus on Torgal during the combat and then you might experience a change in form after that.

How to Change Torgal Forms in FF16?

During certain instances in combat using Clive, you can change the Torgal Forms. These forms are related to Clive’s Limit Breaker but are mostly random.

Even after using the Limit Breaker on Clive, you might not be able to experience the Form Change. So, you can call this random, but to some extent.

How Does Torgal Change Forms in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16)

The Verdict

You can have friendly pets with you in FF16, but some of them have special form change at certain times. Torgal Change Forms in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) are totally random, but you can sometimes notice the change with the FF16 Limit Breaker.

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