[Fixed] ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error

[Fixed] ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error

In the genre of cave-man style Survival-Adventure-Action Video Games, there is only one competitor that none other seen to quite beat. Yes, it is the ARK Survival and the next one in the installment is the ARK Survival Ascended, succeeding the ARK Survival Evolved, launched a while back.

One thing to clear here is that the game is a simulator, set in the world of Dinosaurs, and other massive creators. So, the game is one of the most demanding ones out there today. It can just fry your system if you are not careful with it.

That being said, players are greeted with ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error, and afterward, the game crashes, unable to be played consistently. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on why this happens and how to fix it the easy way.

What is the reason behind Low Level Fatal Error?

Whenever you have the Low Level Fatal Error, or most commonly the Fatal Error, it is caused by a game’s sudden crash because of some complication. It could be because the system is not able to Meet the Requirements, GPU/CPU Overheating, DirectX, Update, or simply Game File. Let’s try to troubleshoot it below.

ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error

How to Fix ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error?

Check System Requirements

As we mentioned, the game is quite demanding and your system might not be up there to pull it off. Check back on the ARK Survival Ascended Requirements and match them with your system specs.

If you can run the game, then you can proceed with the guide below.

Update and Manually Install DX12

The first focus goes to DirectX, which is majorly causing Low Level Fatal Errors. You can download DX12 manually and check back whether it fixed the ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error.

Force Use DX11

In case the DX12 Manual Install doesn’t work, you might have to Force Use DX11 in the Steam Launcher. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Steam
  • Click on Steam Library
  • Right-click on ARK Survival Ascended
  • Click on Properties
  • Enter -DX11 in the Launch Options Section
  • Click on OK

Select your GPU in PhysicsX

Go to NVIDIA Control Panel-Configure Surround/PhysX-Set the PhysX processor to your GPU specifically, apply, and try again. Here’s how to do it.

  • Right Click on the Desktop
  • Click on the Nvidia Control Panel
  • Proceed to Physics X
  • Select your GPU

Apply and Save! This will forcefully use the GPU, specifically for ARK Survival Ascended, allocating it as the priority.

Update GPU Drivers

Finally, you can try Installing the Latest Drivers for your GPU because ARK Survival Ascended requires the greatest drivers from your Graphics Card Manufacturer.

  • Download Nvidia Experience if you have Nvidia GPU. Install it and download the latest game-ready drivers. Click on Custom during installation and check Clean Installation.
  • Download AMD Adrenaline if you have AMD GPU. Do the same here as well.

Bonus: Verify Game Files

After you are done with the troubleshooting steps to Fix ARK Survival Ascended Low Level Fatal Error, you might want to go ahead and Verify Game Files on Steam. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click on ARK Survival Ascended
  • Proceed to Properties
  • Click on the Files Tab
  • Click on “Verify Integrity of Game Files”

This will automatically find and verify all the game files in your system, repair the corrupted ones, and install the missing files.

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