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Taking Too Long to Find Match in The Finals Playtest Beta – Why and How to Fix it?

The Finals is an online multiplayer competitive FPS from Embard Studios. As the game is available only as a Playtest in its Open Beta, it is prone to various issues, specifically related to the matchmaking and servers, including Login Failed Error 500.

For the most part, this also affects the way users find matches and indulge in the game’s matchmaking system. Here are the reasons for The Finals Playtest Beta Taking Too Long to Find a Match and How to Fix it.

Taking Too Long to Find Match in The Finals Playtest Beta

Why is The Finals Beta Talking Time to Find a Match?

Well, the game is available in the Playtest Open Beta, meaning it is not meant to be fully experienced. It is just a taste of what’s going to come from the devs in a few months, and it is quite tasty.

Due to the load on the servers, you will experience delayed matchmaking, and it will take a while to find a match. But, there are some other factors as well like the game queue, files, drivers, and so on.

How to Fix Taking Too Long to Find Match in The Finals Playtest Beta?

First and foremost, you need to check whether the Servers are up and running or not. Therefore, you can head to The Finals Open Beta Twitter (X) Handle and check back on that.

In case they are up and running, you will have to follow the methods below to fix Taking Too Long to Find Match in The Finals Playtest Beta.

  • Close Steam Complete and Restart: Sometimes the Steam Launcher is the cause of the issue. You need to close it completely using the Task Manage and then restart your system, getting back to the game.
  • Verifying the Game Files: Right-click on The Finals and then head down to the properties. From here, you can go to the Files Tab and then Verify Game Files.
  • Close Unnecessary Programs: Check back on the background apps that are running without you noticing. Close all of those and only have the important ones.
  • Update GPU and Drivers: Use Nvidia Experience or AMD Adrenaline to download the latest GPU Drivers. Also, search for Updates in the Windows Search Bar and let it update everything. The Finals is a new game and requires the latest firmware.
  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall: Lastly, you need to Disable the Antivirus and Firewall to fix Taking Too Long to Find a Match in The Finals Playtest Beta. Antivirus and Firewall block the game files to run efficiently on your system, tagging them as potential viruses.

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