The Finals Playtest Beta Can't Add Game to Library - Failure, No License Error

Are The Finals Playtest Beta Servers Down? Temporary Login Queue

The Finals is the brand new competitive FPS from Embark Studios, who are also the publishers of the game. It is a perfectly balanced mixture of other top FPS genres like Counter-Strike, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege. You can also smell the scent of COD Warzone sometimes as well.

So, the game got a pretty positive response from the players, as its players peeked more than 100k on Steam, in the Beta Playtest, the first one that enables the cross-platform for the game.

With that being said, it also caused a lot of issues including Login Errors like 500 and 403. Then some have The Finals Fatal Error. All of these hinder the gameplay and stop players from either logging into the game or starting the matchmaking.

All of these are related to the game servers because the players overloaded them resulting in all of these issues. That leads us to the everlasting question every player has been asking “Are The Finals Playtest Beta Servers Down”? In short, they aren’t, but they are overloaded with players, peeking at the capacity they can accompany at a time, forcing the players to put in a Temporary Login Queue. Let’s go into the details.

Are The Finals Playtest Beta Servers Down? Temporary Login Queue

The Finals Servers Login Queue!

Now, the game has nearly 24 hours passed, and players are overloading the game, causing the servers to temporarily shut down for the time being. The solution to that is to introduce a Temporary Login Queue, while they are expanding the capacity of the servers. Below, we have the official tweet from The Finals Team.

Are The Finals Playtest Beta Servers Down? Temporary Login Queue from Developers Notice

Are The Finals Servers Down?

No, they aren’t down, the developers have introduced a temporary login queue to safeguard their servers from exploding. Due to the overload of players on the servers, even in the playtest beta of The Finals, servers were experiencing peak capacity issues.

It can’t accommodate more than a certain number of players at a time, so they are expanding it, and while it is so, they introduced a temporary login queue that will put players in a line to play the game.

What happens in the Login Queue?

In the login queue, the new players or players who restart the game will be put in a queue line. Players will start playing the game when it is their turn to enter. The line proceeds when players leave the game.

In the Login Queue, you will also experience the Game continuously loading, showing you The Finals logo and then a queue load below.

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