Is Doona! renewed for Season 2? Netflix Doona! Season 2 Release Date

Is Doona! renewed for Season 2? Netflix Doona!

Doona! is a new Romantic K-drama based on the webtoon by the name “The Girl Downstairs (Doona!)”. The series is directed by Lee Jeong Hyo who is well-known for the popular Korean series Crash Landing on You, Romance is a Bonus Book, and Life on Mars. The series managed to chart in the top 10 categories in 67 countries and a 7.3 rating on IMDb. However, it is still too early to predict the future of the series. The series follows a girl-named Doo Na, who moves into a share house and meets a college student Won Jun, Doona mistakes her for a stalker fan, but soon the two of them become close.

Doona sadly ended with a closure. Season one wrapped up the story of our favorite couple. But Netflix will renew Doona for Season 2 if the series continues to receive the praise and love.

Is Doona! renewed for Season 2? Netflix Doona! Season 2 Release Date

Doona! ending explained:

Won Jun and Doona had to break up by the end of the series because of the complex nature of their relationship. Donna’s agency confiscates her phone and stops her from dating Won Jun. Park In-wook, Doona’s manager is completely against Doona’s relationship with Jun. But, one night Donna manages to escape and meet Won Jun. She tries to reason with Jun that her agency will ease the restrictions on her in the future. But, Won Jun does not want to get his heart broken. He enlists for his two-year mandatory national service leaving Doona behind. Donna is seen alone waiting for Jun at the subway hoping that he will come back for her to make things right.

Doona and Jun are seen at a friend’s reunion after a couple of years. Doona has become a successful K-pop artist and Won Jun will become a civil servant. Both of them addressed the issues they had in their relationship and finally parted ways after hugging each other.

Years later, Doona and Jun are seen working in Japan, the scene shows both of them passing by without acknowledging each other. But Doona feels that the love of her life is nearby.

Is Doona renewed for season 2?

Sadly, No. Netflix has yet to officially announce the renewal status of the series. As the story ended with no cliffhangers, the chances of a new season are low.


It seems like they wrapped up the story of the Doona and Jun. However, the couple can still end up together if Netflix decides to renew the show. So, there might be hope for the series.

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