[Fixed] The Finals Black Screen of Death

[Fixed] Can’t Invite Friends in The Finals Playtest Beta

The Finals is the latest fps competitive game in making by Embark Studios. A downright combination of Counter-Strike, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and Warzone.

The game was just launched in the playtest open beta, allowing players to get a glimpse of what’s actually cooking here by the devs. This way, they can also check out all the problems and issues witnessed by the players, and fix them later on before the official launch.

One of the worst issues in the game is that players can’t invite friends in The Finals playtest beta. It is a genuine bug, and can only be fixed with a simple workaround.

Why can’t I invite in The Finals Open Beta?

The final is in its playtest beta, meaning it isn’t optimized, nor meant to be. It is just an early glimpse of the game, which is occasionally filled with all the issues, as the game isn’t completed.

So, this issue is related to the game taking away your access to invite friends to the game. You need to have the accessibility to go multiplayer and invite players.

There is a simple way to fix that and gain access directly by using a coding. We have it below.

[Fixed] Can't Invite Friends in The Finals Playtest Beta

How to fix Can’t Invite Friends in The Finals Playtest Beta?

To fix the can’t invite issue in The Finals Beta, you will have to first open the game in the Steam Launcher Browser Version. Use the browser/Google to open Steam, and log in. From there launch the game.

When you are inside the game, press the F12 key and enter the command “RequestPlaytestAccess()”. After you enter this command, you will have direct access to invite players to the game.

Before you head out and try that, you need to understand something. On Firefox and Chrome, it will work flawlessly, but on Microsoft Edge, you will have to press the F12 key and then click on the arrow, selecting the console from there.

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