[Solved] Mini Goads on NYT Crossword Answer

Happy feeling NYT Mini Crossword Clue Answer – 31st December NYT Crossword

In the mini New York Times crossword, the clue “Happy feeling” leads to the answer “JOY.”

  1. Blissful Emotion: “JOY” represents a delightful feeling of happiness and contentment, like a big smile inside you.
  2. Warm and Happy: It’s that warm, fuzzy feeling when something wonderful happens, making your heart sing.
  3. Pure Happiness: “JOY” is a simple word for that pure, happy feeling that brightens your day.

What “JOY” Reflects

In the mini crossword puzzle, “JOY” captures the essence of pure happiness in a single word.


Mini crosswords bring playful clues, and “JOY” is one of those delightful answers that celebrate the simple joys of life.

So, finding “JOY” in the crossword hints at the lovely emotion of happiness, spreading a little cheer in the world of word puzzles!

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