[Solved] Mini Goads on NYT Crossword Answer

NYT Cut Off Denim Bottoms Clue Answer – 31st December 2023

In the New York Times crossword, the answer to “Cut Off Denim Bottoms” is “JORTS.”


  1. Short Jeans: “JORTS” means jeans that have been cut off to make shorts. It’s a fun mash-up word!
  2. Casual Wear: These are comfy shorts made from jeans, perfect for a relaxed, informal vibe.
  3. Summer Style: “JORTS” are like your favorite jeans, but shorter! They’re cool for warm days.

What Makes JORTS Fun

In the crossword, “JORTS” captures the easy-breezy style of comfy shorts made from jeans.

Final Words

Mini crosswords like this bring fun clues—each answer, like “JORTS,” reveals a slice of everyday life in a playful way.

So, discovering “JORTS” in the crossword hints at the trendy world of shorts made from jeans—a stylish and laid-back wardrobe choice!

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